1995 Ford Scorpio Ghia X 2.9 24v from UK and Ireland


Very powerful and fast


Auto box needed a slight adjustment.

General Comments:

0-60 feels like a blink of an eye.

Takes steep, long hills effortlessly.

Tyres last for a very long time.

Handling is superb, corners can be taken at high speed.

Engine has a deep grunt and shows other cars up.

Fuel consumption is acceptable.

Outd-oes the Vauxhall Vectra in every aspect, hence the change of car.

Insurance is relatively low.

Fun and exciting to drive.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2001

1995 Ford Scorpio Ultima 2.9 Cosworth from UK and Ireland


Loads of car for the money and you do get used to the shape!!


Several bulbs needed replacement.

Radiator was leaking and has been replaced (Ford unit costs over £300).

Needs new rear brake disks (bought from Unipart online, £32 per side).

General Comments:

Bought the car for the extra space and comfort. Totally loaded with extras. Handling is amazing for a car of this size and the 2.9 Cosworth in Sports mode is seriously quick.

I may be weird but I love the shape, especially the grill, but notice there isn't an owners club.

This car is comfortable, quick and not common so I think it will become a classic in time.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2001

7th Apr 2004, 02:54

4th Jun 2004, 08:53

Just wanted to add to the comment about www.fordscorpio.co.uk. This is an excellent site with literally masses and masses of information and photos relating to the Ford Scorpio, but not the earlier Ford Granada Scorpio.

24th Aug 2004, 04:06

Regarding a club for Scorpio owners there is a club for all Granada owners It is the Granada Mk 1,2,and 3. This club caters for all models of Granada and Scorpio. The address may be found in any classic car magazine among the club addresses. Good luck.

1995 Ford Scorpio Ultima 24v 3.0 24v V6 petrol cosworth from UK and Ireland


Good design, but poor build and component quality



Catalytic converters 3 times.

Steering rack and pump.


Wiper trapezium.

Electrically heated bonnet.

Washer jets caused a fire.

Sunroof seized.

Gearbox, speedo and engine management system play up so the auto box won't select gears.

Central locking plays up in cold damp weather.

Uses 1 litre of water every 500 miles and Ford can't find the fault or leak.

Overdrive button on the gear lever snapped off.

Microswitch that indicates that the boot is open gives a false reading.

Many niggly electrical faults

General Comments:

The design, comfort and spec of the car are good. The performance is good, but the build quality and component quality is poor. This is the least reliable Ford I have had and I started with a Mk2 Zodiac in 1967. I won't buy another Ford, I have a BMW now but am struggling to sell the Scorpio!! Ford are stupid to let their quality slip like this.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2001

23rd Jun 2001, 05:50

I have a '95 24v Ultima with 147k miles on the clock. This car runs like a dream and has never failed to perform or reward with a superb drive and relaxed luxury. Whilst some have had problems, I'm sure that they are not a true representation of the overall merits of the car. The only problem I have had is the remote boot opener not working! It is worth remembering that an equivalent BMW or Mercedes would cost quite a bit more to buy and maintain.

28th Apr 2006, 05:28

I have to agree with this original post I'm afraid. A lovely car, but its just so unreliable. I bought one with 66,000 on the clock with a full service history and had problem after problem with it, sold it after 3 months couldn't afford the repairs anymore! To complicated perhaps or just poor quality materials I'm not sure.

1995 Ford Scorpio Ultima 24v 3.0 V6 from UK and Ireland


A god-like driving machine!


Passenger side climate control failure. Otherwise, no problems.

General Comments:

Fantastic performance from the Cosworth engine, providing a good amount of BHP for your money.

Covers a large amount of miles in a great deal of comfort, outshining other, more expensive makes in the same class.

Very difficult to park though.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2000

6th Jan 2001, 06:17

I have sat in a Scorpio once and they are really comfy, but why did Ford spoil it by designing a car that looks like a rotten lizard on wheels? (especially that dire big-gob front end)?

3rd Apr 2001, 08:44

Problem with passenger side climate control? Push together recirculate and air/con buttons for about 10 sec. in off mode plus engine on. System will be reset.

I had the same problem.