6th Feb 2002, 16:21

I have a 1991 Ford Sierra LX Automatic estate. My problem is lots of grey smoke coming out of exhaust when I start up first thing in the day. Doesn't happen again until the next day. Automatic transmission doesn't work too well for first hour or so of driving. Could the grey smoke be connected to thi?... Somebody suggested I might be burning transmission fluid... Keeps slipping out of gear when stationary... Have I got a leak somewhere... Great car otherwise, fast, great acceleration from the lights.

25th Sep 2002, 11:30

2002 update on same Sierra. Yes I'm still the owner and another MoT test passed without any faults at all. Only spend in past 12 months was a lubrication service and 2 new tyres. Just re-insured it 3rd party F&T, pays to check around, as I got it for £251 in the end without any NCB (I'd transferred my 60% No Claims Bonus to my wifes new Ka), but highest quote was an unbelievable £497, for the same cover!!!.

27th Jul 2005, 23:35

Before I moved to the USA I had a 1991 Sierra LX with the 1.6 engine.

I owned a previous sierra which was a "B" plate and I had nothing, but trouble with it, including engine replacement at 75,000 miles because it blew up and blew out a valve which hit the piston and made a hole in the engine.

My 1991 Sierra served me well until 2001 when it failed the MOT due to Chassis rust and was not worth repairing, I then parked it in my driveway and someone stole it, which was a shame as I had no insurance on it as it was parked, The police found it and it had been stripped and used as a toilet, it was junk and crushed at that point, that was one of the best cars I ever had.

The only problem I had with it was the wiring on the rear lights, which would short circuit sometimes, the car had 150,000 almost trouble free miles on it when it was stolen and destroyed.