1997 Ford Taurus LX Wagon 3.0 L Duratec from North America


Good value for the money, but reliability may be an issue


Nothing substantial but I now strongly suspect a passenger side CV joint problem. Dealer is estimating a repair cost between $500 to over $1000 depending on whether both inner and outer joints need replacement.

General Comments:

Overall, I am quite pleased with the vehicle, but this premature failure has me concerned.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2001

1997 Ford Taurus GL Wagon 3.0L Duratec 24v V6 - 200HP from North America


Doesn't win on style points, but a good value and good performance station wagon


Bought the car used from Auto-nation in California. They replaced one of the front door speakers under warranty, then the other door speaker blew out 18 months after purchase.

There is a creaking sound from under the car when you hit a bump or shift from Drive to Reverse. Initially thought it was a loose transmission or the engine was loose, but it hasn't been a problem.

Since the car originated from the East Coast, the brake discs front and rear were quite rusted, and began to warp at about 50,000 miles. The discs and pads were replaced at the 60,000 mile service, which overall cost $1,600.

I wanted to get a new ignition key for the car - the dealer told me the key was $45 and it would be an hour of labor to 'program' the key to work with my car (another $65). I read in the manual that you could simply program the key by placing it in the ignition after a working ignition key - the dealers are sharks!

No other problems.

General Comments:

The 24 valve Duratec engine is a must. It likes to rev and has strong acceleration (for a station wagon) over 3,000 RPM, with plenty of torque. It's actually more fun to put you foot down than in my Audi A4 2.8!

There is a lot of space in the cabin, and the rear cargo space is huge for a station wagon.

The car has the premium 'Mach' stereo in it with a trunk-mounted CD changer. Overall quite impressed with the clarity and volume, despite the blown speaker mentioned earlier.

The quality of the interior fabric and plastic is not very nice, but it's all functional and pretty easy to keep clean.

Overall I feel like I've been quite lucky with the car (knock on wood), as a lot of other buyers have experienced many more problems. I was looking for a cheap, spacious family wagon and that's what I got. Fuel economy on regular unleaded has been around 24 MPG, which is reasonable.

If I had been looking for a sedan and not a wagon, I doubt if I would have bought a Taurus however, as the market is so much bigger for sedans...

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Review Date: 17th October, 2001

7th Jun 2003, 12:01

Liked the over all performance of the wagon - with the exception that if you hit a large puddle of standing water on the pass. side of the car, the belts tend to slip and it looses its power steering.

Also have one speaker blown.

Airconditioning unit went out at 103,000 miles and it was 1400.00 to fix.

Service engine soon light comes on - though it's services exceptionally well.

27th Jul 2004, 18:42

I've had a 97 Ford Taurus wagon for several years. The only problems I've experienced have been that check engine light that was mentioned, and also, twice it has failed to start. The first time, a few months ago, we took it to the dealer. The next day it started and they could not find a problem. Same thing happened yesterday and today it wouldn't start so I'm putting it in the shop tomorrow. It sounds like it's going to start, not the battery- lights, windows, radio works- but it just doesn't catch. Almost like it might be the fuel pump. Other than that, I haven't had too many problems with it. Nice car and just the right size for my family. Pretty good on gas, too.

17th Nov 2004, 07:24

1997 Taurus Wagon, I have a leak in coolant system and cannot find it, I have tried a dye, but still not showing up, does not show any signs under car when parked, no water in oil, any ideas please.