2000 Ford Taurus Wagon from North America


A safety hazard


The engine dies while driving on a major highway for a couple of hours. No warning is given. Stalled twice in 3 hours.

Dealer is having trouble determining the problem. If not determined or too expensive, I will sell the car. Car is unsafe to drive.

Contacted the company and they won't assist me.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2004

26th May 2004, 16:14

I suppose the problem is with fuel.

There is no atmospheric air going into fuel tank, so there is air evacuation (under-pressure) of the gas tank.

Suggest to find if it is that: Loose not tight, the filler gas cap. Then drive and see. If will not stop from fuel starvation, then you found the problem. Next step: make a very small hole in gas cap so to allow air going in the tank!!! Hope it works for you...

2000 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 FFV from North America


Unreliable money sucker


Rotors warped and brakes needed to be replaced at 40,000 miles.

Electrical problem with brake pedal caused the car to not shift out of park, no brake lights, and brakes did not shut off cruise control.

Fuel sensor problem caused car to fail and fouled out spark plugs.

Two weeks after fuel sensor problem, the fuel pump failed.

Fuel filter got clogged causing car to fail and cost over $100 to replace.

General Comments:

Plan on building up a separate savings account for car repairs!

On the positive side, it is roomy and I liked the style. I don't know if it is worth all of the headaches though.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2004

28th Mar 2004, 13:31

I have just had the same problem with my brakes. The car will not shift out of park and the brake lights are not working. Is there a recall on this serious problem?

6th Apr 2004, 15:37

There is a recall coming out soon for the brake light and not shifting out of park problem. Maybe in June.

24th Jun 2004, 19:21

My 2000 Taurus wagon died on the Highway 3 times in the first year, always in warm weather. Each time I took it to a dealer and they couldn't find anything wrong. Finally, I got the recall notice. (Ford denied that the recall was related to the problems I had.) Now with 84,000 miles The car died again on a warm day. Dealer couldn't say for sure, but thought it was the fuel pump. $535 a two days later Car is bucking and acting like its going to die right after I start it. I'm afraid to drive it. My husband checked the spark plugs and says they're fouled. Wouldn't you think the dealer would have checked? Also, don't think the fuel filter was replaced. Shouldn't that have been done with the fuel pump?

9th Jul 2004, 22:59

I just had the brake light switch replaced under a recall, this has fixed the hard to shift out of park problem. If anyone has not had it fixed and is unable to shift out of park, all you have to do is, turn the key switch forward just before any power comes on, then shift into neutral, then start the engine and now you can put the shifter in the position you desire. My 2000 Taurus has 53,000 miles on it, the check engine light has been on for a while, the dealer charged $80.00 dio. fee (OUCH!!) to tell me I needed a PCV tube, air filter, fuel filter, and an intake flush, and for $400.00 they would take care of these items for me, NOT!!! for about $40.00 I can do this myself..."DUH" they must really think everyone is stupid...

2000 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 from North America


Good for the money, but Ford can do better with the details


Have had to have (2) sets of rear drum brakes shoes and one set of drums so far.

The front disk brake pads and rotors have been replaced once. Rotors warp easily.

Minor interior trim fits poorly. For example, the plastic trim around the sun visor arms is a very poor fit. This was improved on the newer models.

General Comments:

The Taurus is a fairly dependable, economical basic family car. Great for one child seat and a limited budget. Overall, it still is a good amount of car for the money. We paid $14000 for the SE with 20K on it. The 2000 is a cheaper made car than the earlier ones. Our 1996 model seemed to be a much better made car and more comfortable.

The air conditioner in the 2000 is VERY POOR. The owner's manual even eludes to this. It states that the system will be much louder than earlier models. It is VERY LOUD and blows POORLY. In a dark colored car (ours is dark green) you will have to run at speed a good half hour to get it to cool off inside. Not a good deal with kids in car seats.

Overall it's a basic, boring decent car, but don't buy a dark color in the 2000 model and plan to spend on brakes.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

2nd Apr 2004, 09:46

Poor is the main word I agree with. This type of car belongs to my mother in-law so I get to drive it. It is difficult to park because of the poor vision all around. It always seems to have something wrong with it and is far too big on the outside for the useful space inside. IT does not have many of the well thought out design features most good modern cars have. This car is now for sale and will be replaced by a good car.