2001 Ford Taurus SE Wagon 3.0 DOHC from North America


Provides above average utility and value


Brakes - replaced rear at 47000.

Heater blower/fan motor - mechanic showed me the Ford circular (not a recall) on water damage causing fan motor failure (shorting out). Fix requires a Ford manufactured shield to divert rain from fan motor. Apparently only 2001 model is affected. Fairly expensive (>$300) to repair.

Recall for potential front spring failure (I experienced no problem)

General Comments:

2001 incentive was free leather seats - nice, but slightly impractical for a "utility" car (dogs, kids, etc)

Traction control and ABS handle New England weather.

Decent gas mileage and performance.

Lots of wind noise over 80 mph.

Poor resale value - buy one to keep forever.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2005

28th Mar 2005, 06:25

I bought a new Taurus in 2001. Every year I had to bring my car in because of mold smells in the vent system. The dealer would spray a disinfectant/perfume solution into the system each spring. My wife and youngest child have mold allergies and every time we brought the car in, they would tell us that all they could do is blow that solution into the system because the systems in new cars are built too air tight nowadays. Then in 2004 the motor blower went out. The dealer told us that it went out because of condensation dripping on the blower motor. We ended up paying around $400 for a new blower motor and sheild, but later got most of it back after about 6 months of arguing with the dealer and Ford Motor Co. To this day we still have moldy smells starting in the spring, nothing really has changed. It seems to be deeper in the system than Ford wants to go (Too much money to tear that deep into the system). We never saw the Technical Bulletin until now. Thank you for letting me vent on this issue. Anthony Campbell--sllyptty4@msn.com.

2001 Ford Taurus SE 3 liter from North America


Excellent car at a reasonable price


No problems.

General Comments:

This is the third Taurus Station wagon that I have owned, the previous cars were 1987 & 1996. I put about 130,000 km on each of the other cars with no unusual problems, front brakes had to be rebuilt but all the other work was minor. The 2001 car has proved to be comfortable, handles well, good brakes and the Vulcan engine is completely reliable.

It has the best roof rack of any car, and when the back seats are folded down I can sleep in the back.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2005

2001 Ford Taurus S.E.S. 3.0 Flex Fuel from North America


The tortoise doesn't suck!!!


A ball joint and the stabilizer links needed to be replaced at 55,000 miles. It was fixed on the extended warranty, which I recommend highly.

Brakes wore kinda fast, they were replaced at 55,000 also, but didn't need it right away.

General Comments:

Overall good family car for the price. Reliable and a smooth driver.

Motor reliable, but a little mean on gas and it spark knocks on hard acceleration. The flex fuel only means a pretty badge on the fenders to me. I would recommend the duratec since the 3.0 is pretty slow.

Tires on it sucked! I replaced them with Goodyears and it was a big difference in traction and ride.

With regular maintenance and some care the Taurus is a good car.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2005

11th Sep 2005, 21:21

When you had to replace the ball joint and the stabilizer, did the steering wheel shake at higher speeds?

2001 Ford Taurus LX 3.0 V6 from North America


Powerful family friendly car - child safety is excellent


The brakes have come to squeal regularly, and though we have had them done, they continue to do so.

The turn radius is such that it requires a 3-point turn on a normal 2-lane or neighborhood street.

The car's turn signals tend to shut themselves off to our frustration. I think that is a safety issue. There are certain angles of the steering wheel (very commonly used angles at stops) where the signal will not stick on. It just comes right back to center position.

This is a low car, and sometimes that limits your visibility on the road.

General Comments:

The car is dependable, powerful, front-wheel drive and great on snow. It has an uncanny ability to pretend it's a truck, e.g. carrying rocking chairs in the back seat, bringing home a new bed on top, etc. Safe seatbelts, dual front airbags. Front & rear defrost work superbly.

It's extremely family-friendly and child-friendly; there is plenty of room in the back seat, and it has six child-restraint latches plus 3 top anchors. Its seat slope is appropriate for most child carseats. The car has a large storage capacity, including large trunk, large glovebox, large center console, and a cupholder that makes allowance for a handle on your cup.

Its stock sound system is clear, with realistic voices and enough bass. It has great pickup, the heater is strong, the seats are comfortable with plenty of legroom.

The car feels well-built, heavy and sturdy, but not unwieldy. Fully loaded with adult passengers, the vehicle still maneuvers easily and has good pickup. It's a low car, flat and not likely to roll over. Easy to drive!

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Review Date: 13th February, 2005

23rd Jun 2006, 01:02

I notice the back brakes squeal all time, I had them replaced and the noise came back after 7000 miles. Vibration in the front brakes.