6th Aug 2008, 09:22

I have the same car and the same passenger side leak (from the AC). I dare anyone with this car to pull the carpet back on the passenger side to see if they have this leak. When I got the car repaired they gave me a loaner that was the same model and same year. I pulled the carpet back and sure enough, the leak was there. The smell is so bad, the car was undrivable!!! Ford should recall this vehicle.

14th Jun 2009, 15:02

I was going to wait to comment until the 6th of August of this year, but I'd forget.

Anyway, seriously people, Ford has a lot of haters out there. And it shows. If anyone with a Honda or Toyota has this same problem, it would be "A wonderful car, but ruined by a mechanic. Would definitely buy another!" I admit, Ford has released some ridiculous cars in the past, I know I've owned them. I also know that Fords are usually a lot more sensitive to poor maintenance. So are GMs. I have personally seen a fleet of Luminas sell with 250K miles on them, and they drove just like they came out of the factory. I have also seen 3 of my 4 Tauruses make it to 170K miles WITHOUT incident. I maintain them.

I have also been the owner of 3 Honda Civics and 2 Accords. I know what these cars are, and I agree that Honda puts more time and effort into their cars. But my point is, DON'T hate a car because everyone else seems to. DON'T jump on the band wagon because it sounds cool. I am a firm believer that Ford, although not the best of cars, makes some decent automobiles. I am also a firm believer that Japanese cars are NOT bulletproof, and just looking at cars like the 99-02 TLs, 03-05 Accords, Toyota Tercels, etc, shows that EVERY maker has their flaws. Just be fair to any company. And if you really hate a car that much, DON'T BUY IT!! You won't like it...guaranteed.


Avid Toyota fan.