2005 Ford Taurus SE V6 from North America


Check for yourself, too many transmission problems


Transmission failed. Nearly two thousand dollars to rebuild. My wife uses it for work less than ten miles each way and no highway driving. Very disappointing.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2009

14th Mar 2009, 16:47

City driving is what kills a transmission, not highway driving. My uncle has 95k miles on a 04 Taurus, all highway, and it's still on its original tires and has only needed a battery and front brake pads, not even rotors. All depends on how you drive your vehicle, but those model Taurus's are known for bad trannys.

2005 Ford Taurus from North America


The reason why American cars have a bad reputation


It's been fairly reliable.

General Comments:

This is my parent's car, but I drive it quite a bit. This car is the reason why American car companies are dying. It's a 2005 but it drives like a Model T Ford. The worst part of the car is the gas pedal feel. It vibrates and you have to put a lot of pressure on it to get it moving. I've found this to be a common problem with most Fords. The engine always seems to struggle and the transmission always feels choppy.

The ride and handling are dated.

The comfort is fair. The power seats are useless.

The build quality is abysmal. It takes a good push to close the doors.

The control layout leaves a lot to be desired.

I really dislike driving this car. I don't ask for much and I'm not a GM or Japanese car snob. I drive a 2000 Olds Intrigue with over 200,000 miles on it and it drives a million times better than this Taurus. I feel bad that my parents have to drive such a lousy car.

On the plus side, it has been fairly reliable.

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Review Date: 7th December, 2008

9th Dec 2008, 22:18

There is a TSB (04-26-15) on the issue of gas pedal vibration for 2004/2005 Taurus. I found it by doing a Google search on the words Taurus Gas Pedal Vibration. It sounds like a simple fix. I have not experienced this on my 2005 Sable, but it sounds like it would be really annoying.

14th Aug 2009, 13:16

I drive this model/year car for work. It's been a great car with no problems so far. The usual maintenance has been done at the recommended times. This is the third Taurus I've driven and none have given any problems. All are still being used starting with the 1999 year model.

16th Jan 2010, 21:27

Nothing drives like a Model T Ford. Absolutely nothing. A pedal-operated forward-reverse transmission makes sure of that. Shakes like a Model T Ford, maybe.

2005 Ford Taurus SE 3.0V from North America


I would buy this car again in a minute. I love it for a family sedan


Belt tension lever squeaked and was replaced.

Airbag light comes on intermittently.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, quiet ride in both the front seats and rear seats.

Rounded edges take space away from the cargo area. Tall back seat riders may feel their heads touch the ceiling. Nice big trunk.

Very reasonable price. Good value.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2008

29th Aug 2012, 19:53

Hey does anyone know how to get the airbag light to stop flashing, or what causes the problem? Have that problem with my Taurus, can this be fixed at home, or does it need to be brought into a Ford service center?

2005 Ford Taurus SES 3.0 from North America


A real bad choice!


Leak in front passenger side floorboard (top hat).

Engine light stayed on - replaced sensor.

Gasoline does not show full on gauge panel.

Compressor is rubbing up against something since top hat has been installed. I took it to same repairman that installed the Top Hat. They never heard that vibration before. I NEVER had the AC or vibration problem before this top Hat" situation in the 2 previous summers.

General Comments:

I wouldn't have another Ford product... EVER!

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Review Date: 4th August, 2007

6th Aug 2007, 10:49

What is a "top hat" on a Ford Taurus?

6th Aug 2007, 15:45

I don't get it. This doesn't sound like a bad car, except for a mechanic installing something incorrectly to cause a vibration. How does that translate to "I wouldn't have another Ford product--EVER!!!" This is one of those "reviews" that I would dismiss out of hand.