2005 Ford Taurus SE from North America


Test drive, test drive, test drive!


From the time we decided to purches this car we realized that the engine noise level is louder than any other car we have owned. That's about 9 cars in all. From older used "beaters" when we were in high school, to our now family sedan.

The rear driver side door window is out of alignment and slams when rolled up.

The gas peddle vibrates when used at all different type of driving conditions. I've been told that a motor mount need to be replaced.

The car when shifted into drive from park or reverse tends to lunge forward like there is pressure put on the gas peddle. It jumps forward like nothing I've ever seen before. It does have a very high idle I feel. After it jumps forward it will idle at a fairly quick and possibly dangerous speed.

The most annoying factor in this automobile is the gas gauge. When completely filled up the gauge just barley hits the full red line and after about 10 minuted of driving you can already see a decline in the needle. Let the car get down to about 20 miles of fuel left and the computer will beep and tell you the fuel level is low. Same with the needle it reads right on the "E" red line. Well when ever I fill the tank, the gas station pump never reads anything more than 13 to 14 gallons of gas dispersed. Simple math tells me that the gauge is not adjusted properly along with the computer if it is an 18 gallon tank. So who wants to drive around an almost new vehicle and have to calculate miles to the gal. before filling up again?

General Comments:

I feel that the problems can be corrected quickly and fairly inexpensive, but these problems seem to have existed from right out of the gate. Yes it was purchased used but at a reputable dealer and it even came with an extended warranty (power train till 75k or 7 yrs.) still these problems shouldn't arise this soon if at all unless the vehicle was in and accident. No report from car-fax found.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2007

2005 Ford Taurus SES 3.0L from North America


Strictly average


I have only had to get a new remote locking device because my other 2 have failed. Almost like it doesn't want to work with my car for some reason.

The engine and start-up sounds a little more harsh than I would like. Almost like a dry, worn out sound while running.

The steering is also VERY noisy.

General Comments:

The Taurus is strictly an average car, nothing more. My grandparents bought it for me for a college car. The interior seems kind of cheap, lots of plastic parts that come right off. The design is very boring for me, although this is basically a grandma car. Acceleration is below average, takes forever to get up to highway speeds. Lots of rattles and noises too from the inside, kind of annoying. It's been a good car for me although I would have picked out something much nicer if I could have. I imagine I will trade it in in a few years for something for something more practical (Accord Hybrid)

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2006

4th May 2006, 14:57

Changing from synthetic blend engine oil to fully synthetic oil will quiet the car down and make it run smoother. After making this oil change, it made me realize the engine is really quite good.

21st Mar 2008, 19:57

Most Ford Taurus's are junk because they were once (for the most part) rental cars.

4th Jun 2008, 15:59

Actually, this car is great. I've raced several people already with it, and it did not let me down at all. That 3L V6 is beautiful! No problem with it whatsoever.

14th Jun 2009, 14:50

For 153 hp, the 3.0 Vulcan V6 pulls a lot harder than most engines with considerably more "horsepower". But, the Taurus itself, unless maintained meticulously, is a nightmare of a car to own. I just purchased one for $2,500 (05') and the transmission is already shot again at 64K.

27th Dec 2009, 01:01

To whoever posted "4th Jun 2008, 15:59"; why on earth are you basing how good a car is by how well it races? Don't get me wrong, I love the Taurus/Sable, but really if you're so irresponsible that you'll race on public roads, first you probably should have your licence pulled, and second, your car no matter what you drive takes one hell of a beating when you mash the gas pedal.

2nd Aug 2012, 21:14

To the one above this, no kidding. I had a 97 at one point, and that car was a beauty. The car may have some pep, but that doesn't mean you should go out racing others!