2005 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 Vulcan from North America


Great car for the money if found in good condition


Minor things.

- Tires.

- Brakes.

- Starter, alternator and master cylinder (all replaced under dealer warranty).

General Comments:

I love my Taurus! My model is the well-equipped SE. It has almost as much equipment as the top-line SEL, minus the woodgrain and automatic climate control.

I get compliments all the time. I think it's the color. My brothers make fun of the car because of the Taurus' checkered past. I remind them that I drive a lot and the Taurus has been relatively trouble free.

I have always had a thing for the Ford Taurus. I would some day like to own a 1986 LX model. Granted the car would be older than me, it would be cool to own one. This car really did save Ford and change the auto industry simultaneously.

The only real complaint I have about my car is the performance. My vehicle has the reliable 3.0 Vulcan that was available in the Taurus since its 1986 introduction. While reliable, it seems a little short on power. I think it has about 155 HP. The icing on the cake would have been the 200 HP 24 Valve Duratec! Ford dropped the mighty 24 valve engine after 2004 when they consolidated the Taurus.

Other than that, I am very happy with my Taurus.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2016

6th Apr 2016, 12:45

The last year for the 24 valve Duratec in the Taurus was 2005, not 2004. There is a review here for a 2005 SEL with the Duratec, and I once owned a 2005 Sable with that engine.

2005 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 liter Vulcan from North America


Very underrated car, excellent value and quality for the money


Almost nothing.

My parents bought it brand new, changed the oil regularly, followed service maintenance.

Only thing I can think of is a connector for the rear defrost came unconnected; Ford fixed it for $20 or something like that.

Great car, problem free and reliable.

General Comments:

This is a very underrated car, excellent value, ride quality, and reliability.

My parents were in the market for a new car after their 1997 Chevy Lumina blew a head gasket at 280000. The car was very rusty and not worth fixing.

They went car shopping for another mid sized sedan to suit their needs. They looked at the Chevrolet Impala, Toyota Camry, and Honda Accord as well.

I helped them shop for it, the Taurus had the lowest price, most standard options, and best warranty. My parents also chose it for the interior comfort, spacious trunk, and interior space.

Since they bought it, they have had absolutely no problems at all. Regular oil changes and following recommended maintenance always helps.

Currently the car has over 130000 Kilometers on it, but runs amazing, still feels like driving a brand new car. Everything has held up well, and it rides great. No noises or issues, all accessories work.

I drive this car a lot, as I lend my truck to my father often, and he lets me uses his car.

Excellent acceleration and smooth shifting, good suspension for the country roads where we live too.

Good visibility and lack of major blind spots.

Interior is comfortable, and I like the flip down center console/armrest, excellent design.

My only complaint about the car is that the interior has too much plastic, but then again, so do all the new cars. I like the older 80's cars with all steel everything, as they feel better quality, but that has nothing to do with this car.

This is a great value car for someone who does not need to show off or have something fancy, just a great commuter car that drives and feels like a quality car.

I am glad my parents did not buy the Toyota Camry, as our neighbor bought one and it has been back for numerous recalls and problems, burns oil, and has just not been a good buy. Glad we went with Ford.

The Accord was too expensive and the Chevrolet Impala was not as comfortable and spacious inside.

I have driven much more expensive cars that seem cheap and tacky compared to the Taurus. It is a very good quality family car for the money.

I think sometimes these cars get a bad reputation, as they are used as rentals and fleet cars and not well maintained. As well they are cheap to purchase and a lot of people don't maintain them. Treat it well, and it will treat you well!

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Review Date: 13th September, 2011

14th Sep 2011, 10:48

Your review really speaks the truth! I have a 2005 Taurus, and in college it is the brunt of many jokes. But, when my friends' Hondas and Chevrolets break down, my Taurus and I are always ready for a run to THEIR dealership.

My Taurus is DEAD reliable, and can get close to 30 MPG on the highway at 57 MPH.

My other car is a 2011 Focus; another good car, but not nearly as fun to drive.

My major complaint is the headlights. They are entirely too dim, to the point that on a foggy morning they don't make any difference.

I liked the part about the Camry. I also had a 2001 Camry, and that was an awful car. It burnt and leaked oil and gas, and it was SLOW. The thing took 3-4 miles to go 0-60 MPH, and the odometer was off by 10%.

I wish you many years of happy motoring in your Taurus.

16th Aug 2012, 19:34

I have an 05 Taurus, runs great, great car, no issues.

Only one problem now, check airbag light is on. If anyone can help, would like to know if this is easily fixable, what the root of the problem is, or if it is unsafe to drive with the light on like that.

My friend has a Suzuki Swift with the airbag light on. Apparently on the Swift, the airbags can detonate anytime when the light is on. Hoping that isn't the case with my Taurus!

Much thanks!

27th Aug 2013, 21:12

Update from original reviewer:

My parents still have the Taurus, putting a lot of miles on it in the past year due to my little brother getting his driver's license and borrowing it often.

Car is currently at 170000 km, still running strong and like new.

Only maintenance issues in the past year have been:

Replaced gas tank due to rust (we live in the northeast, where they put salt on the roads).

Replaced battery (original Ford factory battery, surprised it lasted that long).