29th Aug 2003, 12:21

I have a '94 Taurus GL, with the 3.0 v6 and 103,000 miles. Ford really knows how to make a crappy car. In the winter, the speedometer broke and it stopped shifting (not that it shifts that well anyway!!!). It cost $450 to have the $15 plastic speedometer gear inside the transmission replaced, plus another $130 the dealer gouged me for changing the O2 sensor, which I never asked for, then they gave back my freshly washed car covered from top to bottom with mud.

But I'm not done... The brakes also suck. They grind and squeal and fade really bad, and they were just worked on. The car hesitates on acceleration and has no power. It also all, but overheats with the a/c on. The inside is just as bad. You have to wiggle the turn signal switch to get the wipers to work, and 3 of the 4 power windows don't work right. It also has no rear leg room for normal sized people. My friend's brand new '04 Corolla is more comfortable, and it's half the size and gets 30 mpg, instead of 17-23. But here's the kicker: I got this car off of my 80 year old grandparents who bought it new, kept it garaged, and put about 80k on it before giving it to me last year. The only things I like about it is that the body has no rust, which is great for a Chicago car, and the color, which is Royal Blue. Note to self; stay away from Ford in the future!!!

10th Nov 2003, 22:15

You are right about this great car, mine has 165,000 miles on it and no real problems. J OF OHIO.

21st Nov 2005, 15:25

My wife and I bought our 1994 taurus in 1999, it had 75k on it when we bought it, it has 155k on it now and is a wonderful car, Best car we EVER had in fact.

We have had the small things happen, brakes, tires etc... but those are maint items on ANY car.

We love our taurus, paid for and running like it was new :)

Go Ford