8th Mar 2003, 19:54

My 1989 Ford Taurus GL has been perfect for me. I am 16 years old and I have owned this car for one and 1 half years. it has around 130,000 miles on it and I only need to replace the A/C.

It gets great gas mileage.

The only flaw is that it has a few little rust spots, but for a new driver, it is perfect.

26th Apr 2006, 16:03

Because a fluid is a different color, doesn't just mean that's the only thing about it. Fluids don't just change colors like toothbrushes when they wear out. When a fluid is a different color, that means that there is something in there that is making in that way, and it's not food coloring. They are usually contaminants that grind against the internal parts of your car and wear them out much faster than normal. For example, Transmission fluid is supposed to be bright red (if it's an automatic), but when it becomes dark brown and almost black, that means that the fluid has lost most of it's properties that assist the transmission to operate correctly. The fluid isn't just a lubricant, but actually plays a part in how the car shifts and drives. It's due to the correct viscosity of the fluid. Really, all I'm saying is, change the fluids, especially the transmission fluid and the engine oil. AND, change them AGAIN before the next scheduled service is due to make sure that you "flush" the remaining junk out that was left behind from the old fluids. After that, just follow regular maintenance schedules. The Taurus is EXCEPTIONALLY BAD for blowing transmissions, and having denatured fluid doesn't encourage it. If you maintain that car, you should see it reach the 100K mark as mine did and surpassed 160K just a few months ago. Make sure that this car is maintained and the fluids are changed at the correct intervals. Otherwise, that car might not make it to next week. You never know.