26th Mar 2017, 03:18

Nice review :)

Keep an eye on the transmission. Unlike the Vulcan V6, not quite Ford Tough.

Think about doing a trans service yearly. These transmissions are a bit problematic. Frequent transmission services assure an ample supply of fresh, clean fluid. Just what any transmission wants -especially a transmission that is a tad weak ;)

26th Mar 2017, 22:37


And if I'm not mistaken, this is the same tranny that was mated up to the Intech 4.6 used in the Continental. Too lazy to check the wiki on that ATM.

27th Mar 2017, 20:32

Annual tranny fluid changes?

On a $400 car?

28th Mar 2017, 09:50

Where did it say annual?

28th Mar 2017, 17:16

Honestly, the car was cheap because of a major title problem. I just happened to work with the original title owner and it was by chance that this car landed in my lap and we worked it out easily.

The story:

The car was sold to a man who had no license. He conned a kid into signing the title in his place with the intention of plating the car. The kid got cold feet and backed out after his name was on the title and from that point on the guy lost contact with the original owner. Basically he had a title that was worthless. I bumped into him, heard the story and decided to take the risk, lamenting it at work. A co-worker approached me and said they sold a car just like that a year ago... on closer inspection it was the same car! We hit the DMV up for a duplicate title, signed it over and boom, I got the car.

I'd say in its present state the car could command a fast sale at 1500$ any day. Interior needs a once over with industrial degreaser. The only problems the car seems to have are:

Power steering is inoperable and the driver's window is off track.

Front struts are shot and it could use an engine mount (not failed but cracked all to hell).

Engine is clean, had all the gaskets replaced at the 140k mark and the bay is dusty but dry. Overall I did very well.

28th Mar 2017, 17:45

Last I heard, "yearly" meant the same thing as "annual".

28th Mar 2017, 22:37

I would buy mine on a leap year.