21st May 2005, 13:28

I just bought a 2001 ford taurus SES and I think it is great.Cars will have problems if you don't treat them right.

22nd Jul 2006, 13:05

I have a 2003 SES 24 valve sport taurus. I LOVE IT AND WILL NEVER GET RID OF IT!!! I have had absolutely no problems with it!!! If you take care of your car like you should you should not have many problems with it! Taurus's are good cars for the money! We also own two other 1990 Taurus's which still run prefectly to this day! Not much to look at, but they run nice and have only had minor repairs which is normal for their use! Definately recommend taurus to anyone!

15th Jul 2009, 01:00

How does a cracked windshield make the Taurus a bad vehicle? Do Toyota and Honda's windshields not crack when hit by flying objects? Why do people insist on adding facts like these?

A rock hit the window and it broke!!

I went 60,000 miles and the tires wore out!!

I went 100,000 miles and never changed the trans fluid, coolant, power steering fluid or brake fluid, and now the trans is screwed and the head gaskets and heater core are shot, and my steering rack leaks and my master cylinder and calipers leak!!!

God FORD make horrible vehicles, gimme a break. Doesn't matter if it's a Ford, GM, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, VW, Bentley or million dollar car. If you don't maintain it and change the fluids, any vehicle will be prone to mechanical failure.

Let's stick to issues related to the manufacture, not worn out tires, wiper blades, cheap Walmart battery's, cheap offshore rotors and knock off parts etc.. blame Goodyear, Walmart and NAPA for selling cheap parts or yourself for buying them, not Ford, GM or any other car company for that matter. If you can't afford to maintain your vehicles, sell them and take the bus or better yet... walk!! 1 foot in front of the other, your ass will follow.

15th Jul 2009, 12:24

"How does a cracked windshield make the Taurus a bad vehicle?"

My blue 1998 Taurus developed a cracked windshield without getting hit by a rock or anything. The crack originated under the driver side windshield wiper. It happened on a really hot day where I kept the car in the sun with the windows rolled up. I just attributed it to bad luck and a bad habit of never slightly opening the windows on hot sunny days to cool the interior.

But then at my daycare, I see one of the workers also has a cracked windshield in her purple Taurus of the same model year. The crack originates in exactly the same location where the black window treatment is widest. So it seems to be some kind of flaw in the design of the window mount, and maybe there is also a contribution from age hardening of the mounting materials.

16th Jul 2009, 17:58

Or maybe 2 vehicles with a cracked windshield - go to consumeraffairs.com to possibly confirm vs guessing.

28th Jan 2011, 16:51

I own a 2001 Ford Taurus. I had the car for 2 years this year in March. I had to buy already a new transmission, fuel pump and filter, water pump, and fuses go out all the time, and they are not cheap at all!

It does have the whistling noise in the passenger side when I hit 50 mph on the interstate. My dad is a mechanic, and he has taken good care of my car, and this is awful. Now the car starts, and it sounds like it drowns, then it stops. It starts for a couple seconds, then it dies. Another mechanic has to come look at, because we can't figure it out.

In 2 years it has been problems with this POS excuse of a car. I had never owned a Ford, and it taught me to never again. It's more expensive than my kid. :-(