2nd Feb 2009, 06:02

1997 Taurus GL.

Wish I would have read this page before buying my Taurus! I'm on my third transmission with 96,000 miles and the third rebuild is slipping between drive and overdrive at 60mph!

Same problems with the intermittent power windows.

Door light comes on whenever it feels like it, so I removed my interior lights to prevent the battery from failing.

Rear left power window sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

Water pump and brakes failed at 60K and were replaced.

Wiper delay sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

On a good day, this car works great with all the electrics working, and except for the transmission, and weird electronics, it's been reliable.

12th Feb 2009, 17:24

In regards to the Taurus. All cars have different problems but Ford Taurus is a great running car. Like GM and Chrysler, they all have cheap switches and parts that wear.

If you replaced your belt 3 times for a squeak, you should probably check the oil pump drive gear bushings that dry up and squeak. Spending the time to properly diagnose something will save you a lot of time and money!

I drive mainly Chrysler or GM, and they have similar problems too. I wouldn't say it's a reason to buy a foreign car. If you want good gas mileage though, buy a GM.

14th May 2009, 20:43

I have had my 97 Ford Taurus for 6 years myself, and my mom had it for like 5 or so.

Honestly, until recently I have had no real problems with my car. Just the occasional brake change, regular oil and filter changes.

About 5 or so months ago I thought my transmission was going out, it just needed a new transmission filter. Now when I'm driving it makes a noise kinda like the brakes need to be changed on the front passenger side and it shakes a little when braking, just gotta get someone to look at it for me. But my Ford is at 180 thousand miles and I really can't complain about this car. I love my 97 ford Taurus.

8th Jun 2009, 22:16

I also have a 1997 Taurus that I love and care for. I love that car so much I had to put another engine in it, because I drove it down to the ground with all the miles I put on my baby. Many miles with working around the country. Love the interior of my 1997 Taurus, and it also rides smooth. Love the Taurus.

7th Jul 2009, 22:53

I absolutely HATE this car!!! This 1997 Ford Taurus GL has been nothing but problems, time and $money$! I’ve been stranded with the car too many times! I want to blow the thing up.

If it isn’t the transmission, it’s electrical, replace a new bulb, spurting oil, spurting transmission fluid, brakes, radiator, ripped up belts, sensors, A/C compressor, master brake cylinder, brake replacements, the stupid locks keep going up and down after you leave so when you get back to your car in the morning the car is dead.

I have disconnected almost all the electricals (lights, speakers, power locks). I get pops as well when turning corners, and a buzzing noise, it idles weird, my left blinker also is also being difficult, the windows decide to start and stop working when they want to. So I get windows stuck down or up for weeks at a time. The A/C was good, when it worked! It seems right after I get my check engine light is fixed, it turns right back on!

This is just SOME of what I’ve had done! Between regular maintenance and this B.S, it’s just not worth it. I could have bought a Lexus by now! NO FAMILY, FRIEND, NOR I WILL EVER BUY ANOTHER FORD! Our family has had many Fords (Mustang Bullet, F-250, two Taurus’s, Ranger) but out of them all the cars we’ve had the Lexus and the old Toyota Camry have been wonderful.

11th Jan 2010, 12:13

I own a 1997 Ford Taurus GL. It has 137,000 miles on it. I have put the last 10,000 on it. The only problems I have had are the blower motor and the tensioner pulley were bad when I got it. Since I replaced these, the car runs fine. I've had no other problems.

The driver side power window motor is weaker than the others, but it still works, all dome lights work fine.

I've had no trouble with electrical systems or the transmission, though after 137,000 miles it's probably due for a replacement or rebuild.

This is the second Taurus I have driven. My first was a 93 and it still runs, but has other problems 260,000 miles later.

I don't know how you guys all manage to have so much trouble with this car.

11th Jan 2010, 13:37

The driver side power window motor is weaker...

Possibly it only appears that way. It could also mean that the friction in the regulator and the window surround is higher. A little lubrication may fix it.

11th Jan 2010, 19:23

To the above commentor:

Domestics tend to wear out at about 130,000 miles. Some of them may last longer. Flukes can happen. However, I've only ever managed to get approximately 130,000 miles on all of the domestics that I've owned over the years. Most of my friends have gotten about the same out of their domestics. A friend of mine did once get 300,000 miles out of a domestic, however, it took it 3 transmissions to get there. I can't speak for the domestics owned for my friends, as I don't know for sure how well they were taken care of, but as for mine, I always had my oil changed every 3,000 miles, whether I thought it needed it or not. I change the coolant and transmission fluid in all my cars at 60,000 miles. So I know mine were taken care of.

13th Jan 2010, 09:02

Do you change the oil in the power window motor as well?

13th Jan 2010, 15:40

"Do you change the oil in the power window motor as well?"

I certainly would if a power window motor ever had oil to be changed. Which they don't.

17th Aug 2010, 22:57

Just bought a 1997 Taurus with 227000 kms. It had a wobble in the back end when driving and worse when braking. I replaced the rear rotors with new pads and the seized calipers. I did the work myself. It was very simple to do and now it rides great. Went over it very well. All electrical stuff seems to be working fine (for the moment). Exterior door handles were sticking so I had to remove inside door panels and lube 'em up, now they are fine.

I'll take the advice given regarding maintenance and keep my fingers crossed. It is a very nice car to drive and lots of room inside (for a big person). It feels right.

Thanks everyone for your input.


17th Sep 2010, 19:21

I bought my 97 Ford Taurus GL (3.0 V6 12 cylinder, not 24 which I hear does have problems often) in the Spring of 2000. It had low mileage (30k) and the previous owner had done perfect maintenance (fluid changes on time, tire rotations, belts etc..) and had the records to prove it. I've not regretted buying this car at all, now with over 150k miles, and also well maintained since I bought it, up until 2 years ago when I neglected to rust proof it. Never skip rust proofing once you start, because any car will rot 10 years in 2. Anyway, I only have myself to blame for recent problems, as they are all rust related, like brake lines and fuel line, calipers seizing and so on. I'm mad at myself, because now I have to get a new car, and I hate them all. They are all a huge step down from what I'm used to in the Taurus, and the new Taurus is just too expensive.

Buying used cars today is dangerous, because most were leased, and lease agreements are so loose that people just don't take care of their leased vehicles, like driving through potholes rather than slowing and going around as they would if it were their own car. Leases are killing the used car industry in my opinion; that and rental buy backs.

Anyway, if your Taurus was well maintained from day one with regular maintenance items that any car should have according to schedule, your Taurus would still be kicking strong. I for one regret having to junk mine, as I can't afford a car of equal comfort and drive performance. I'm kicking myself, and will for a long time to come.

6th Oct 2010, 16:50

I owned a 1997 Taurus GL 3.0L OHV. I bought the car with a salvaged title, so I knew it was going to have issues.

The dealer completely rebuilt the front end, and yet I still had to replace all the pulleys, water pump and power steering pump. Replaced all the plugs and wires.

The car ran fine. For about a month. I had an oil change, and then about a week later, the rear axle started to make a very strange noise at slow speeds and around corners. Didn't really bother me.

Then shortly there after (about a thousand miles), it started to down shift instead of up shift. I figured it was the VSS. Replaced it, then noticed that both of the wires running to the VSS were destroyed.

Other than the smooth and quick ride (I actually raced an 06 Audi A6 and won), this car was a downer time after time. Things have been going wrong, not to mention the overheating issues with the engine.

So the other day I traded it straight across to a "Taurus enthusiast" for his 1994 Chevy Camaro. No problems since :) Needless to say, no more Fords for me.