11th Mar 2004, 13:47

Day time running light problem this could be caused by the DRL Module (daytime running light module) On my Taurus it was located on the Drivers side in the wheel well.

The problems with the transmission seal and converter as well as the gaskets could be an Indication that the motor has been replaced. Most likely with a short block. This would mean that the Intake, Oil Pan, etc would have been removed from the old motor and placed on the new short block. I would not blame the car at this point if this is the case I would have to blame the mechanic because he probably re-used the old gaskets and damaged the seal on the transmission when mating the new engine to the Transmission.

The Oil pan gasket leaking the second time I would have to blame the mechanic for not properly cleaning the gasket surfaces, or not properly tightening it, or it could be the surface is damaged and warped.

The Engine pinging under load or heavey acceleration according to my owners manual is normal on low octane fuel.

I would have to recommend checking into the warranty history of the car if you bought it used and see if the engine was replaced under warranty.

16th May 2004, 18:00

My Taurus wagon gives good service. I bought the '97 used in 1999 with 30K miles. Now, 5/04 it has 82K. Great hauler of people and stuff. Minor problems are: the usual popping noise others see, interior lights stay on if driver door switch is not lubed, left rear window motor does not operate very often, transmission feels slight play at startup after stop. Engine sometimes misses at idle with A/C on.

28th Sep 2004, 14:26

I own a 1997 Ford Taurus. I am surprised to see other "97" Taurus' with the same ailments that I experienced. My pan gasket had to be replaced. My transmission kicks in gear with a bang at low speed. Whenever I turn my steering wheel I hear a screeching sound. My day running lights currently remain on and I must remove the fuse to shut them off. I cannot afford to get the current problems repaired right now at the repair shop, but I would like hear comments on the screeching sound whenever the steering wheel is turned. (The sound is not coming from the belts) and more comments on the day running lights.

19th Jul 2005, 00:03

2 comments on the screeching.

There are washers at the top of the front strut mounts that can get stuck, causing a screech.

Also, the power steering can have problems and screech.