1997 Ford Taurus GL from North America


Not a good buy at all!


Unfortunately a lot has gone wrong with this car and no one seems to be able to help us.

We had to replace brakes and rotors before it was time.

We've had trouble with the door adjar lights staying on.

Our check engine light has been on for 2 years now and no one can figure it out.

The car stutters especially when it's wet or cold out.

I didn't have heat for all of last winter and when that finally got figured out it now overheats if I sit in traffic or even at a bank.

We have put so much money in this car and I still have the same problems.

General Comments:

As far as comfort and space it has been fine.

But due to all the other problems, I would never buy one again! You can buy them at a reasonable price, but you'll quickly catch up in all you spend on it.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2003

1997 Ford Taurus GL from North America


Its OK


I own a 1997 Ford Taurus GL. The car looks very good, but there are a few things about the car that just annoy me. First of all why do my headlights keep burning out their harnesses? I've had to have them replaced at least 5 times since I had the car. Second, I had to pay about $800 to have my motor mounts replaced. Third why is it when I turn right, the wheel squeaks? Fourth When it rains and I drive over a puddle of water, my battery light comes on and it's almost feels like my steering wheel stiffens. Overall, it's an OK car, but the acceleration sucks, and the car doesn't seem to be built very well.

General Comments:

Come on people and give Ford a chance.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2003

1997 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 Vulcan from North America


Awesome station wagon with poor reliability, transmission, and dealer fix-ability


Transmission line failure near trans. connection.

Oil Pan gasket failure - twice.

Power Steering line failure.

Intake/Exhaust manifold gasket failure.

Trans. torq. converter seal and pan gasket failure.

Stabilizer Link failure.

Rear lift gate brake light lens retainer clip failed. Water leaked inside of lift gate and has caused the gate opening latch to stay squeezed/stiff in the open position after it is opened. Have to manually push back into place every time before closing gate.

EGR sensor.

O2 sensor.

MAF sensor.

Paint peeling from wiper arms and factory roof rack (wagon).

Current problems:

Pinging/detonation occurs usually when warm and under load, but, not only then.

I had Ford Dealer work on it. Their solution was a new MAF sensor. Didn't change a thing. Tried 89 instead of 87 octane and problem is gone.

Daylight running lights are staying on.

Temporarily solved the problem by pulling the appropriate fuse.

General Comments:

If you are going to buy a Taurus, change your mind and buy something else!

If you insist on getting one then buy a 98 model or newer. As they will have significantly fewer problems overall.

This car has had over $5000 in repairs over the last 16 months. I have a private warranty and have about 7000 kilometers left on it. Thank goodness. I've only had to pay about 1/5 of the above amount, but, I am truly worried as this model (pre-1998) has a reputation for being below average for reliability/overall.

Positive things about this car are:

The looks, roominess, comfort, good fuel mileage (600 Kilo. to a tank, avg), versatility, nice creature comforts (GL wagon).


The vehicle is slightly underpowered with the Vulcan 3.0, V6.

The transmission behaves erratically at slow speed and shifts hard into 2nd gear. Not always, but annoying nonetheless when it occurs most of the time.

Have a "ghost" in the electrical system.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2003

7th Sep 2003, 23:17

The problem you are or were having with your daytime running lights is most likely caused by the key switch which is located inside the steering column. My Taurus had the same problem. I took the switch out and checked the light and they were off. For some reason, when I put it back on the lights were OK, but I am convinced that that was the problem. I hope this helps.