1997 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 from North America


A good car for a modest price


I had the Oil pan and gasket replaced.

The rear swaybars replaced.

The coolant tank.

One fuel filter.

Replaced the Transmission "Range" sensor.

The DPFE sensor, and "knock on wood" that's about it.

General Comments:

When I first bought the Ford, I didn't like it, but after I got all the problems worked out, it is running like a champ. I would recommend a 3rd generation Taurus to anyone who is looking for comfort and reliability, at a modest price. My car came with a 6-disc changer, and some other higher up toys, like 4-disk brakes, and daytime running lamps. I would recommend a Taurus with a 3.0 DOHC Duratec engine if you want performance, but if you want to go all out, then get a SHO.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2003

1997 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 V6 from North America


Buyer Beware


I had to have the rear brakes replaced at 95,000 miles. They need to be replaced again.

Windshield fluid hose rotted at 100,000 miles, have yet to get it replaced.

High beam indicator does not work most of the time. At times it will just appear.

Interior lights stay on even if the doors are closed.

Anytime I drive through a puddle, the battery light comes on and I lose all power, including power steering.

Car does not keep alignment and continually has suspension problems.

Driver's power window works sometimes, if is does not work, have to bang on the speaker in the door.

If the temperature is below 50 outside, the engine will not heat up and I get cool air from the heater.

Seat belts do not retract properly.

When wipers are set to slow, it acts if it is set on intermittent.

At times when in idle, car acts like it is going to stall.

General Comments:

The car is comfortable inside, but not worth the hassle.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2003

1997 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 Vulcan V6 from North America


A Quality Family Sedan


Front brake rotors have warped 4 or more times: $200 - $400 repair each time.

Check engine light is on constantly.

Brake booster failed at 110,000 miles.

Cruise control failed at 112,000 miles.

Transmission sensor failed at ~45,000 miles.

Interior lights stay on about 1/4 of the time even when all doors are closed.

Car makes a slight groaning noise while taking easy corners at neighborhood speeds.

Engine sounds very rough as of late (110,000 miles+)

General Comments:

There are two main weaknesses of this car - the transmission and the brakes.

The transmission can be very indecisive (ex.. a wheel slips in the rain, the transmission goes to 2nd gear and then back to first, all the while you are not moving.)

The brakes become warped every 20,000 miles or so - cheap to repair if you know how to do it yourself, but $300 at a repair shop.

The engine is still running with no major problems after 123,000 hard-driven miles.

The transmission required a sensor change early on, but has not needed replacement yet, even after the car was put into reverse at 40mh.

The car tracks straight as an arrow, holds curves surprisingly well, and is capable of doing 110mph.

The brakes stop the car very quickly, and the standard ABS is a plus, although brake fade is a problem when you drive the car hard.

The engine is slightly weak for a car this size, but it is adequate for highway merging and 2-lane passing.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2003

4th Dec 2007, 11:35

Your two main problems, transmission and brakes, can be attributed to your driving style. Try for a time to take off very easy, to avoid wheel spin. Also let it coast to predictable stopping points and apply the brakes easy. ---Ah well, just have fun and fix it when it brakes.

16th May 2013, 08:07

I own a 97 GL, and have LOVED it and drove it since 06 when I bought it with 86k miles, until about a year ago when the transmission started slipping between 2 and 3rd, and I was very easy on it!! So NO it isn't always your "driving" style. Other than the crappy gas mileage, this was BY FAR the most reliable, hassle free, low maintenance car I have ever owned.