9th Jun 2005, 15:12

Maybe the reason why you are having so many problems with your car is because you do not take care of it?

1st Oct 2005, 23:47

Fords are just like any other car if you take care of it they last, but if you don't then they go down the crapper.

18th Jan 2008, 13:07

I see this all the time. A person is unhappy with his car and submits a long list of things that have gone wrong. Another person with the same car who has had few problems says something like, "Well, you must not have taken care of your car else you would not have had all those problems." Come on now?! Look at number of unhappy customers of the Taurus. Are they all just not taking care of their cars?

Look at the review of some of the Japanese models and even the better made American cars. Do people who buy these cars just happen to treat them better. I suspect something else is going on. The fact is, the post 95 Taurus is junk. These are legitimate complaints.

The real problem are these jokers who constantly excuse cars and blame the owners and by doing so, are enabling Ford, GM and other American manufacturers to keep on producing wallet vacuums. We as Americans need to quit defending lousy quality just because it is American made.

What I am calling for is tough love. If we had done this decades ago, instead of blindly buying American just because it was, then maybe GM would still be the top automobile producer in the world and, Ford would not be in the fix it's in today.

One last thing. Come on Ford! Really make quality Job One. I pledge to help. I pledge to complain loudly and incessantly if you make a mistake. I pledge to give you the second chance I wouldn't give a foreign manufacturer. And lastly, I pledge to always root for your success.

A former and future Ford customer.

20th Dec 2008, 17:34

Then you tell me why after buying my 2001 Taurus with 81000 miles and it now having 170000 miles and 3 more years all I've had to replace is tires, a battery and brakes? If the post 95 Ford Taurus is such a poor quality product then why are there SO many of them on the road? Maybe that's why there are so many complaints, because there are SO many of them out there. Ever think of it that way? The Taurus was the best or one of the best selling cars since it was introduced in 1986, so that might say something about both how many there are out there and how they can't possibly be as crappy and unreliable as you say. Go buy your Honda's and Toyota's, it's people like you that are the reason our economy is the way it is today.

7th May 2009, 22:37

What a great, witty answer! (And no, I'm not being sarcastic, I really liked his answer)