7th Jun 2001, 12:38

I have to agree with the first post. We bought a 95 Taurus wagon used with 33K miles. In the 10K we've put on it we've had to have the radiator replaced, head gasket replaced, fuel pump replaced and speedometer fixed, all within 6 months of owning the car. I've had a Honda Accord Wagon for 2 years, bought it with 100K and it still runs great with no problems at all. In comparison, the Taurus is an expensive piece of crap. As for driving the car too hard, I've owned a fair number of cars and have driven them all about the same. The Taurus is the only car I've ever had problems with. Hell I had a Volkswagen diesel with 200K that had less problems. I would not recommend this car.

6th Aug 2001, 04:26

Just bought a 95 Taurus from a dealer in Ind. Two months later the engine started too fail. Head gaskets and rod bearings went out. Lucky for me the dealer did replace the engine for no charge.

One month later the starter went out. $150.00 for the starter, $50.00 labor. Out $200.00 having just bought the car. Have my fingers crossed.

18th Oct 2001, 05:19

We had a 1991 Taurus Station Wagon. I loved it! To bad it didn't love me! We bought it used in 1995. We put in 2 transmissions, motor mounts galore and various "smaller" stuff. Got rid of it last year because I wasn't gonna put another 700 dollars into a car where I knew the transmission was going again. Loved the room and the comfort of the car. What a shame.

1st Mar 2002, 22:10

Purchased a 1995 Taurus in July 2001 with 66,000 miles on it. Had to bring it back the next day for an engine problem. Was told it needed a new engine, guess I'm lucky to have shelled out over 2,000 for an extended warranty. Had the new engine for about 2 weeks and it started to make the same knocking sound as the first one, you guessed it, this car is on its third engine, am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

By the way, I also have a 1994 Mercury Sable with the same engine, and while the Ford was in the shop the Sable blew it's engine (no warranty), will cost about $2,500 to replace, it has 70,258 miles on it. I could not recommend buying a Ford unless it happens to be one of those foreign made cars with the Ford name on it.

30th Sep 2002, 13:55

My 1995 Taurus Wagon has had 4 radiators, 3 cooling fans, 1 fuel pump, 2 head gaskets, 1 entire a/c system, 3 transmissions, and 3 complete sets of motor mounts. If you can top this, my hat is off to you because you bought your car twice just as I did!

Joel Beyers

Sacramento Ca.

27th Jan 2003, 16:58

My 1995 Ford Taurus has had a head gasket replaced. Now the car makes a shaking motion and sometimes the motor turns off when I stop at a red light or stop sign. What is wrong now. Does anyone know?

30th Aug 2004, 12:06

I unfortunately also own a 95 Taurus. Whats up with those 95's? Anyway I am in the process of getting a new radiator right now. I work at a Ford dealership : (wa wa wa, but this allows me to work with the mechanics on getting a better price so hopefully it will not dish too much out of my college funds. Lots of other minor things have gone wrong too. You know what they say FORD Fix Often Repair Daily!!


5th Aug 2007, 11:03

I have a 1995 Sable. Basically same car as the Taurus. I have had the heater core leak. The Tranny leak. Both front coil springs break. All brake lines rot. The ac quit. The tranny overheat. The speedometer jumping (engineering problem). Just replaced burnt tranny fluid. Both side mouldings falling off. Door gasket leaking. I have maintained and babied this car. It only has 88 thousand miles!!! It sees almost solely highway driving. I am done with Fords. Period. I used to swear by them, but never again. Don't buy a car for its' looks> My car still looks nice, but mechanically is a disaster. My next vehicle will either say Honda or Toyota. Just the way it goes. Hey at least I haven't blown a head gasket or lost an engine mount yet. The car has the 3.0 engine.

22nd May 2008, 06:31

I am the 3rd owner of a '95 Taurus, right now it works pretty well. After purchasing from a local dealers budget lot, I was kind of scared. I have no idea what work was done previously to my ownership, but since owning, I've replaced:

Fuel pump, rear brakes, belt tensioner pulley, my A/C compressor is not where it was supposed to be so I took it off the belt, replaced 3 belts because of this. Replaced radiator and alternator.

Still needs new front brakes, new tailpipe/ muffler, and all the door seals seem to have shrunk, making for one windy sounding drive.

Other than that, pretty solid car in the last few years. Even after sitting for months with a fairly old battery, it fired up fast. It has the same gas mileage as my 2005 Grand Am (whose engine just blew, BTW) and has really been a good utilitarian car.

24th Jul 2009, 10:03

I bought a 1995 Taurus Wagon three years ago. Seemed like a good deal as it had been recalled and the engine and head gasket rebuilt. Only 40,000 miles on the new engine. Well, new radiator, starter, head gasket, brakes, cooling fan, and countless other repairs adding up to over $6000 later and the darned thing still overheats after driving for about 10 miles! Biggest piece of junk I ever owned. I will NEVER buy another Ford product. BTW two days ago the starter died AGAIN!

5th Oct 2010, 16:53

It would be nice if more people who have good luck with their cars would post.

I have owned a 1994 Taurus sedan 3.0, 1995 wagon 3.8, 1992 wagon 3.0, 1992 sedan 3.0, 2001 Sable wagon 3.0 and 2005 sedan 3.0. All the same motor except for the 3.8.

I seriously didn't have anything more than the usual problems with all of these cars, and two of them I got for less than $1000 as well used cars.

I did have the trans replaced in the '94 sedan at 138,000 miles, and drove it until 211,000. And in the '01 Sable at 149,000 miles, and we still drive that car.

I don't know where people come from that have so many problems with their cars, but after working on so many cars myself throughout my life, most cars are reliable transportation. There are lemons out there, and some people have the bad luck of owning them. Just because YOU have a lot of problems with your car, doesn't mean that it's a bad car. You've got a lemon. I've run into lemons of every make. That includes the expensive brands, and also Toyotas and the like. I've owned enough Taurus cars to know that they are an excellent car.