11th Nov 2001, 23:46

At least I am not alone in my boat or should I say Taurus. My Taurus has 73,000 miles and has had a new transmission, new cooling systems, new steering rack, new radiator, new sensors, new coils springs (one actually broke in the middle of traffic) and now the head gasket which means a new engine. I have had it with this car. I feel for both of you.

6th Jun 2002, 09:58

It sounds like several other people have had the same problems I have encountered with my Taurus. My problem is that I own (or rather owned- it is gone now) an SHO, which is unlike any other Taurus. Very few, if any, parts are compatible with the standard Taurus, making my repairs that much more expensive. In Ford's "infinite wisdom" they even made many parts on the SHO automatic different from the SHO standard.. When my 2nd starter went out, I found a friend with a parts car.. The problem was his was an MTX and my was an ATX and they cannot share starters or alternators due to different toothing configurations. Nice job Ford- you have alienated me from your products forever.

29th Oct 2002, 20:00

I think you really need to look at who you take your car to for repair (s). These problem are on every car line some more or less depending on brand or model. They are on Toyota transmission broken gear in differential part of automatic transaxle. Models are Camry and Corolla their two most popular models. Honda Accords broken distributor and or camshaft. Volkswagen relays and wiring prone to leaky windshield. Chevy's Trailblazer multi front end problems. General Motors from assembly line forgot bolts in the front end. Big Recall. Multi function switch wiring melts causes fire in steering column also no brake or turn signal lights if you don't burn up first. Battery leaking acid out of positive post of AC Delco batteries. Damaging wiring going to starter. These are just a few examples of problems. They all have them. 23 yrs of beening a tech you see in all of them. Welcome to the world of mass productions in United States. Biggest market with most recalls in all brands. Japanese automakers keep their recalls more secure from the American public unless it is a safety issue, then they have to tell the American government.

Don't forget there is American interest in just about all of your Asian cars. If there was no interest in these companies they wouldn't be selling them here.

3rd Apr 2003, 08:53

While mechanical problems, indeed, occur in every model of car, it is disingenuous to claim that the Ford Taurus has not had more of its fair share. In fact, one automotive staff writer reports that the Taurus is the "most frequently towed" vehicle on the road today.

My 1999 model began showing Ford's true colors around 80,000 miles. I have successfully executed every repair in my car (and they have been multitudinous) except for one: the rack and pinion steering went out and it is impossible for me to do the job without my own lift (due to the brilliant engineering of Ford). The mechanic, after much of the usual drama pertinent to mechanics -- or "techs," as they prefer to be called, warmly noted that my oil pan gasket was also leaking. He helpfully offered to fix it for me, and I respectfully declined. While looking at it in my garage, I noticed that my helpful "tech" had apparently taken off the oil pan and reinstalled it sloppily, as the gasket was loose and crooked, hanging over the edge of the pan and leaking oil like a sieve. Now I have to figure out how to take off the dual converter Y-pipe assembly, so I can get the pan down, so I can fix his mistake.

This has been, easily, the worst car I have ever owned.

And I once owned a Pinto.

Michael Mitchell, San Antonio, Texas.

9th Aug 2003, 15:43

I own a ford Taurus and it is giving me problems too. The transmission went out and that cost me over $600 to buy a used transmission and plus the cost of having someone install it. Now I need another motor mount and I think I bought the wrong one. This is the second mount that has burst. The air conditioner is missing a hose and I have to buy a used air conditioner. I bought a new cooling fan and I need an alignment. This car is draining the life out of me as well as my money and I can't afford to get it fixed every other week. Also the power steering needs to be replaced, but at this moment I can't afford to get it fixed. Nor can I afford another car.

Tammie. In Kentucky

16th Aug 2003, 08:03

I do sympathise with all you Taurus Owners. However It never fails to amaze me that people are still purchasing these poorly engineered models and expecting to get reliable service from them. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this motor company.

17th May 2004, 09:06

1994 Sable 3.8 Liter stalled each time I pressed heater, defroster of air conditioner. At idle engine quit immediately or RPM reduced and stalled in seconds. No problem with these functions at driving speeds however. But when I brought the car to a stop the engine would stall if I had these accessories turned on. The problem turned out to be seized or hard to turn air conditioning compressor. Engine could not turn compressor at idle speed. I am currently driving the car with the air conditioning compressor clutch wiring unplugged. (at the clutch). Note that the air conditioner compressor turns at least at first when you turn on heater which seems illogical, but does have a purpose. My advice to owners having problems is to learn as much as you can about your vehicle and don't rely on others for absolute answers. Problem solving is process. I am a skilled tradesman and work for a Ford Motor Company stamping plant.

27th Jun 2004, 03:41

WORST CAR EVER? My 1993 Ford Taurus GL 3.8 v6 fuel injected four door is leaking motor oil, I need to replace the oil every week or let my engine die! also my new used transmission cost me $600.00 and its starting to act up. I do have one tip though... if your car is overheating like mine was, take out the thermostat and it will work fine!! (CALIFORNIA ONLY)

10th Sep 2004, 11:36

I'm not sure, I've had my Taurus a few years now. I bought it used from my aunt who as had it for 10 years. It is a 93 and though it has its problems (leaky radiator, burn oil quickly) I have never had it stall. So maybe its just the way I take care of the car. I guess you really do have to get just the right one out of the pick.

12th Sep 2004, 01:14

I love my Taurus. It's a Gl, 3.8L, but I am a mechanic, and know that anybody who brings their automobiles to a shop can probably plan on paying almost 4x what the part costs. Invest in a manual at an auto parts store. It may take some time, but it's not rocket science to loosen some bolts or allen screws. My dumb as rocks ex-girlfriend could do that.