20th Oct 2004, 11:52

I have a 93 Ford Taurus GL. it is a 3.8 and I love it. it has been running great except recently. The motor mounts went. The valve cover gaskets went. I just had my starter replaced. My steering is also starting to go. I really don't know if I like my car as much anymore.


2nd May 2005, 09:05

I feel lucky! All the trouble we've had with out Taurus is that the steering column with the gearshift needed to be replaced. We couldn't shift into park, because it jammed! Other that that, we've had a smooth-running machine, and I count myself blessed for it. Well, the car does shift to the left, no matter what we do. We talked to a mechanic in the family who said it wasn't TOO bad, but said that nothing could be done. Well, every car has its problems, and some more than others!

12th May 2005, 10:06

I have a '93 Taurus 3.0L V6 with 160,000 miles. For a 12 year old car, this has been a good one. The only maintenance I've really had to do is the oil/filter change every 3000 miles. This car just refuses to die. I've heard from several people I know that the Taurus will run until it's wheels fall off. I believe it. This car has been a gem. I also must have gotten a good one or maybe it's the owners.

14th Jul 2005, 14:47

I have a 93 GL. I bought it in 94 with 19K on it right away I had problems with the windshield wipers, coming on when I used the turn signal after that it ran fine until about 67k where the head gasket blew. After that it was never really the same it began to leak oil and burn it off the exhaust manifolds which real looked bad because of the all of the smoke. When it’s hot outside it runs really bad. Now it has 112k on and the water pump is bad and there is a bad thumping sound coming from the right side of the engine near the tire. No I don’t think that I would buy a Ford again.

7th Dec 2005, 08:58

I own a 93 Ford Taurus 3.0 engine; I had it for almost four years now. The Taurus has had its share of problem. It stalled out on numerous occasions. I have also had a quite a few repairs done. Here are just some of the problems that I had: power steering, leaking radiator, motor mounts, windshield motors, engine (leaking oil), drained alternator, drained starter, brakes, brake fluid hose, brake drum, and transmission (leaking). The car has terrible electrical problems. Every winter the car drains the battery (I have been through more than 4 brand new batteries already). Currently, I am saving to purchase another vehicle and it will not be another FORD (Fix Or Repair Daily).

28th Jan 2008, 11:17

My 93 Taurus GL has been nothing short of a nightmare. It's only got 118k on it. When I first bought it, I realized that it needed all 3 motor mounts. Well I fixed two of them because that's all I could afford. Now, 5 months later, I'm leaking oil onto the exhaust right where the pipes start to go straight back under the car. It smokes when it's warm, but doesn't seem to affect the engine or the way it runs. It's just annoying to be stuck in traffic with smoke coming out from under the hood. After I get rid of the piece of crap, I will NEVER buy another Ford product. These cars are nothing but junk, and I'm not willing to continue to dump money into them.

FORD, you and your cars are nothing but trash.

16th Sep 2008, 09:20

I have had my car for five months now, and I already need a motor mount and my air doesn't even work. It's making this weird sound. These cars are a mess. It drinks a lot of gas - I really don't know what to do. I'm out of more than I have ever been on a car.

6th Dec 2008, 20:52

These are the slant six dart cars of the 90's. They are very dependable. If you are having problems it is your mechanic, period, end of story. I have had 2 of these push over 200000 miles without any major issues.

I just picked up a 1994 with 29000 miles on it for 1500 dollars. Body is mint, needs a Y pipe and cradle mounts to be back to perfect running order.

I have found if you have a shake in the car that can't seem to be fixed, it is usually the engine cradle to body mounts. These are still available new from the dealer for about 125 delivered. Worth every penny.

Sorry to hear that others posting here are having such issues with these cars.

22nd Jul 2009, 19:03

I'm 16 and live in Sacramento, California. A few weeks after I got my license, I got a 93 Ford Taurus GL with a 3.8L V6 engine. I am the second owner and the first one was an old lady.

The one and only problem seems to be the engine gets hotter than it should. It would drive beautifully on the freeway, even with me fast accelerating and passing people. It would only get hot when driving under 40mph and when I was idle. So I took the thermostat out if it, replaced the air filter and gave it new coolant and now it's much better. Now, the engine runs just above the C (C...normal...H) on the freeway, and when I'm driving in the city or slow speeds it stays around the "o" and "r" when I turn the heater on.

Removing the thermostat helped because it wasn't opening all the way and was restricting the flow of coolant. After reading all your guy's problems, I'm glad that mine runs almost like new. The first owner must have driven it gently/soft for it to run this good. You guys must all drive your cars harshly/hard for the cars to give you these problems.

5th Aug 2009, 14:38

I am 17 now, I am in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. About 8 months ago, I bought a 1993 Taurus with a 3.8l V6 engine for about $1500. the previous owner had the engine and transmission rebuilt. There are probably 123k, or 130k miles on the car, but I will never know because the dash odometer has been reset, and, I guess there is about 32k on this engine rebuild.

Anyway, when I bought it, it needed a new radiator, new struts, and new half axles. That was about a $600 fix, but I only spent $200 by taking it to school to be fixed.

A while after buying this car, I realize, the car stalls every so often, over the winter months, the signals and emergency flashers would work erratically, and sometimes not work at all. I took it to the school autoshop and found out that I needed a $20 flasher unit. It seems to be working just fine now.

The windshield wipers get stuck if I don't have them running at a certain speed, but that's no big deal.

This past June, I was driving down the street, and my serpentine belt started squealing, and then broke. I took it to my mechanic, who happened to be just down the street, and he said I needed a new water pump. That's about a $500 fix, because the engine needed to be lifted out to get to the water pump. My mechanic did it for just $150.

It has been a pretty good car for as long as I have owned it, until I find another problem.

If you have a good mechanic, then you can keep a car like this running for a good long time.

I would still buy a Ford, but it would have to be newer, when I have a little more money in my pocket.

A good idea would be to buy a car that was old lady driven.

28th Aug 2010, 07:24

We own a 1993 Ford Taurus 3.8L. This car has been done nothing but nickel and dime us to death. We were looking for a cheap used car, and boy did we get it. This car gives Ford a bad name.

As of now, we have replaced the power steering pump (line still leaks, and car still roars). That was $150. The hard line is leaky, and we have to constantly pour fluid into it. We have replaced the serpentine belt - another $40.

The car stalls out, sometimes in traffic, for reasons unknown, the tail light switch has went bad, the wipers are constantly getting stuck at certain speeds, and the thing leaks oil terrible.

Remember the old saying... If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Thanks Ford.


28th Aug 2010, 12:58

If all you've done is replace a power steering pump, belt, and a couple of $13 hoses --- on a 17 YEAR OLD CAR!!! --- I don't see the problem, unless it's that you expect something for nothing. Did you ever try giving it a tune-up, or are spark plugs supposed to last forever, too? I think your outrage is unjustified given the age and mileage of the vehicle.

15th Mar 2011, 13:45

We have a 93 Ford wagon. I have rebuilt the engine, replaced the radiator twice every 6 months to a year we replace water pump and thermostat.

We've had this car for a good 10 years and spent way too much on it. Why do these keep going out?

I'm sick of it costing so much to keep it, but can't afford anything else.