23rd May 2006, 05:22

I know this car is getting almost universally bad reviews, but you both bought a Taurus with 170,000+ miles already! You surely can't expect zero repairs. It's already a crappy car, after reading many of these reviews I'm surprised there's Tauruses running with that many miles.

When reading reviews, I always check mileage when bought and how many miles the reviewer has put on the car.

26th May 2006, 00:01

Let me make a statement. Our household has TWO Fords, and with the combined mileage of the two, we've got 529,000 miles and the heads have never been off of either vehicle and the transmissions are factory original. Yes, they are Tauruses, (Tauri). Maintenance people, MAINTENANCE!! It's so simple, yet so hard for some people. I've NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, seen a Ford crap out when it was maintained properly. Even the famous Ford Exploder of a girlfriend I once had, had 189,000 miles on the original everything. Not to mention the Crown Victoria Taxi I rode in with 700,000 miles. Does Ford really make that bad of a car?

12th Sep 2008, 09:59

I'm always amazed how much people hate this car. I owned a '93 3.0L Taurus GL for over 10 years with very few problems. It was my first car in high school, which I later bought from my dad (who got it used) to take to college and beyond. I finally sold it to a friend about 6 months ago, with 250,000 miles on it, and it's still running great for its age.

I did have to get some of the typical repairs done: the transmission, starter, and water pump all went out on me. Though these all happened well after 200k when the car was almost 15 years old, so I can't be too surprised the original equipment wore out. Considering the transmission was the only MAJOR repair (~$2000), and the longevity of the car, I can't complain too much.

17th Jan 2009, 07:43

I'm sorry but, I have owned 3 Tauri and they all have been great reliable cars.

They do seem to have problems with the ignition module, which can be replaced in 15 minutes with a little tool you can get at the auto parts store. Symptoms are engine hesitation.

Also, I had one on which I had to replace the body control computer. Symptom, the car wouldn't start when it was hot.

Other than that, they were great cars.

I bought them with over 90k on the clock and kept them until they had over 200k. I don't have any of them now, but they are still running and running well. One has nearly 300k on it and I wasn't a stickler about maintenance.

Let me add though, I had the 3.0 engine in mine. The 3.8 appears to have more problems, especially blowing head gaskets.

ONE MORE THING. Be sure to flush your transmission fluid. I never had a failed transmission in any of the these cars, but I understand that not doing this diminishes the life of the transmission significantly, not only in the Taurus but other Fords as well.

Also, forget about the post 95 Taurus. It has a weak Mazda transmission. I wish I could find a low mileage 1995 Taurus SW now.