30th Aug 2007, 17:21

I just purchased a 1999 Ford Taurus SE Wagon... love the car and the room inside is great. It had 61,000 miles and the exterior and interior look new... leather seats and the a/c works great.

Problem... I am getting between 14 to 15 miles per gallon!

I traded my Ford Escort Wagon..1997.. for this car. This car was good on gas... 4 cylinder compared to 6 on the taurus.

After reading all of the complaints I am hoping I did not make a huge mistake and am heading for a lot of repairs and expense. My gas gauge is off as well and it gets a bit scary not knowing how much gas is left in the car.

5th Sep 2007, 09:35

I bought a 1999 Ford Taurus SE in August 2003 with 43000 miles on it. I purchased the extended warranty, 3 year/36K for about $1000 and thought I had gotten a pretty good deal. The warranty expired and nothing had gone wrong with it. Then an oxygen sensor went out (it has 4) Cost-$150. The car now has 91K miles on it and needs a new outer tie rod end on front left, and a new front left bearing. I am also experiencing these heating problems. Flushed the coolant and the heat worked for a few weeks, but no longer works. Also, this model year is notorious for bombing out transmissions, so that's something to look forward to.

19th Nov 2007, 02:17

Hi! I too have a 1999 Ford Taurus. I purchased it in 2003 with 39,000 miles on it. Thinking I got a good deal, but have now discovered after a few years of use, it just turned over to 80,000 miles and my problems are here. I had no heat last winter, I had it flushed in the summer, just recently had the heater core changed out, 2 days later I had to replace the 4th cylinder spring it had completely broken, I have also been told that the struts are bad. And I think something is wrong with the transmission, it appears to slip, my husband rarely drives it and doesn't think so, but I know it is coming. This car has oil changed every 3,000 miles and as you can tell not driven hard, I am in my 50's and would not recommend a Ford, my first and my last. If a car starts having this many problems with 80,000 miles it needs to be changed. Looking at getting rid of this car, and going Honda.

7th Jan 2008, 22:51

I have a 1999 Taurus SE, the power steering is leaking and the heater will not heat up. From what I have read I guess this a command problem. Have not tackled the power steering leak yet, but did replace the thermostat, still no heat. Other than spending a lot of money to fix both, getting rid of it is the next move I guess!!

27th Jan 2008, 01:34

2000 Taurus Wagon - Owned since 2001. In 2005 heat quit, seemed overnight overflow went brown. Overheated. Changed the thermostat, flushed the system, overheating problem left, still no heat. Now it's 2008, still no heat, not overheating, but no heat. Transmission started slipping in late 2007, intermittently at first, but becoming worse. 90,000 on it now. Gas mileage between 19-22 in winter. I love the way it rides, handles, and has enough power, but it does get a bit cold. Oh yes, 3rd light went for a flight off the car within 6 months of purchase (replaced for free). Car leaks coolant worse that a bladder problem.

My wife has an 2002 Mercury Mountaineer, bought it new. 60k on it. Just after warranty, 3 trips while in warranty, transmission goes out. Funny, dealer said there was no problem each time... until warranty quit. Lights turn on and off, door says ajar, got 17.4 highway. Something (while in warranty) had to be replaced in front end (spindles I think). Back glass piston has never stayed attached to the glass. Gorilla Glue holds a lot on interior trim on. Back window will not work. There is probably more.

Always liked Ford, have a 1990 F-150, bought new, 1 alternator, 1 battery, lousy paint, but mechanically perfect, except the 15 mpg. I have a 1970 F-100, dad bought new. 1 fuel pump, 1 alternator and still runs like new. 1949 F-1, OK, it's not original.

In between, 1996 Explorer, transmission went bad after 95k, traded it, yup, for the Mountaineer. Before that, Aerostar, won't even go there on that one. Hopefully it will not even be used as scrap.

Bad as I hate to say it, "Ford, I have a better Ideal", no more Fords. Had a GMC Jimmy in 1987 that I say no more GMs, notice, I kept my word. Oldest daughter drive a VW (no better), next daughter drives a Mitsubishi (probably mispelled), and the youngest will drive...? Won't be a Ford or GM, bet on that.

24th Feb 2008, 14:24

Exact same problems with the heater core in a 1999 Ford Taurus. This is a problem with this model! Shame on Ford for not recalling - I've changed the heater core last year with no luck through the Ford dealership.

Just last week I had a problem with the antifreeze being brown. Now this week - the exhaust is blowing white smoke.

I've put over $800 in the car in the last year. I've had the car 6 years and the heater core went out in 2006. I had back flush after back flush; each time someone does it they say it looks like "stop leak" or something, but no one has exactly pin pointed the problem. I will try the junk yard for a old engine because I do like the car overall. Ford should have done a recall a long time ago - of course they have lost my business for good!

Update: After having the car towed today, I have found out that I have a "Blown Head Gasket" from the antifreeze going into the engine. WoW! This is exactly what everyone else with the same model is experiencing. The cost for the gasket repair is between $700 to $800 - NO MORE FORDS IN MY HOUSEHOLDS EVER! I'M GOING BACK TO HONDA!

25th Feb 2008, 08:52

Seems I recall someone reporting its the pipes going to and from the heater core that rust inside.

2nd Jan 2009, 18:05

Jan 2nd, 2009- My husband and I bought a barely used 1999 Ford Taurus. At first, we loved this car. Had great pick up, space and reliability. That lasted all of about 1 1/2 years. Then the wipers started coming on on their own very often. They would work when we wanted but mostly when we didn't want them to. Also, our lights in the car would stay on and the door light and other dashboard lights would stay on when things weren't wrong.

The heater went very quickly and then the thermostat was replaced a few times. Sometimes the car would just cut off with no warning. The brakes also gave us many headaches. They have had to be replaced a lot and even when replaced one moment can be fine the next the car shakes like an earthquake hit. I would not reccomend this year and model to anyone. I wish there would have been a recall. Someone could get hurt with this vehicle. At the moment, ours is not running at all and as soon as it starts, it will be traded in for a reliable, working car. Good luck to all that have this car. We understand!