1999 Ford Taurus Station Wagon SE from North America


Decent vehicle


Replaced brakes.

General Comments:

This car has served me well. I bought it 3 years ago with 45,000 miles on it, and it has 131,000 miles on it now. It is starting to have problems with either the rack and pinion or power steering pump. I am looking at getting a different vehicle now.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2005

19th May 2007, 16:13

I have found a 1999 Ford Taurus SE Wagon, it looks good, smells. 87,000 miles, 3795.00. Can anyone tell me about the gas mileage. This vehicle would work good for me and my boys. Not rich, need dependable Vehicle. Is this front wheel drive? I lost my job 5 months ago, trying to re-build, I have a 1994 F150, my dog chewed up the handle for overdirve and gear, transmission problems, possibly cause by dog. It just sits in my driveway, borrowing parents car. Would this be a good vehicle for someone in my position.

1999 Ford Taurus SE 3.0 from North America


The 1999 Taurus SE sedan has become an ever increasing headache


From its inception the Taurus got poor fuel economy. We regularly recorded 22MPG declining in cooler climate to 18-19MPG. The dealer explained this as posted economy is an "average". However, we explained our 1990 Taurus Wagon and then 2000 Taurus Wagon both greatly out performed the sedan (all with 3.0). No resolution after they have tested it a couple of times.

The rubber oil pan gasket blew out at

84,000 miles. I self-installed a replacement, but oil still dripped onto the exhaust pipe. The dealer informed me Ford had redesigned a rigid gasket. I had them install this new one at 85,000 miles. Cost: $50 replacement gasket + $380 Ford's replacement of new gasket + oil and frustration.

No heat in drivers compartment at 84,000 (not a good period for our Taurus). I noticed the coolant is brown with rust deposits in overflow tank. I thought the problem was related to above. I drained and replaced coolant, cleaned overflow tank and changed the thermostat. No heating improvement. Research indicated a possible actuator door malfunction, but it was operating OK. I suspected the heater core so flushed it with water until it ran clear. It restored heat for only a couple of weeks. Returned it to the Ford dealer to flush system which resolved the problem for 5 weeks. Discussion and research revealed 1996-98 Fords had a flushing service for this problem, but the program ended. Essentially, I can continue to flush rust flakes out of the system while the heater core oxidizes at $45 per service or replace the heater core for $900. Additionally, I'm told the water pump impellers are going too.

General Comments:

The sedan has been reliable up to this point, but researching these items leads me to believe there are more heart aches down the road. We are crossing our fingers this does not reoccur with our 2000 Taurus Wagon which we are very please with.

We love the Taurus Wagons, but rue the day we traded the high mileage Camry for the new Taurus SE. We should have known when the dealer even asked why.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2005

17th Feb 2007, 13:20

I too have a 1999 Ford Taurus.

I have problems with my heater. I replaced the thermostat, flushed the coolant, and flushed heater core with coca-cola and water until it ran clear. Still little to no heat.

My door ajar light comes on and my lights stay on even if my doors are all closed.

I am also finding that I get 17-19 miles to a gallon.

I have had this Taurus for 3 years now and ever since I have had more and more problems. I recommend to not get a Taurus.

1999 Ford Taurus wagon SE from North America


Decent car


1. 99' taurus SE wagon, my battery keeps dying if I don't drive the car for a day. no dome lights are staying on, replaced battery, all tests come back normal, pulling my hair out,

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2005