4th Apr 2009, 12:16

Basically this car is a good car.

The most common problem with this vehicle is the power steering lines. Basically, it doesn't cost much to fix it, but if you go to an auto wrecker, you can find the parts for next to nothing.

If you know somebody who can install the parts for you, then even better. But overall the car is great, lasts a long time, and maintenance isn't too bad at all compared to other vehicles.

The wagon is also great for families with children. I know myself as I have 3 kids all in car seats, and have tons of room for all the extras. If you find a car that only seats 6 people, you can have a 3rd row seat put in and can buy one from the wreckers for around $50. That's what I did, and it beats paying $3000 for one from Ford. The 3rd seat folds down into the trunk when you're not using it and will give you the needed trunk space.

Gas mileage is great. I'm in Canada so the mileage is 19mpg/city and about 24mpg/highway, and it drives really great on the highway too. Basically, it took $45 to fill the tank from completely empty and I drove 387km to Toronto and the tank is still sitting at a little over 3/4 full. Not too bad at all when my Grand Am took the same to fill, and took 1/2 tank to drive the same amount of kilometres.

I'm in the same boat as you and have 3 young kids and don't have a whole lot of money. I needed something affordable too, and this car definitely I would say is affordable, and for the most part reliable. Hope this helps!!!

4th Apr 2009, 12:17

Also it is front wheel drive and has a great engine!!!