1999 Ford Taurus SE from North America


Don't buy this car if you want to stay warm

General Comments:

Ever since I have owned this car the heater has not worked. Took it in twice to have it fixed and now a third time.

The first time they replaced the thermostat which was $500.00. It only had about 45000 miles on it. Second time was when I got it back, the heat still did not work. Then they said it needed the heater core flushed out. The third time, the heater still did not work. Now they are telling me that the heater core needs replaced and since it was not replaced the first time the thermostat needs replaced again, which is going to cost me $600.00.

I have battled with this heater for over a year and they cannot figure out what is wrong with it.

The speedometer, dash lights, and radio have all completely stopped working a couple of times while driving down the road.

The car continues to spark knock unless you put premium gas in it.

The gas mileage it not very good at all.

Overall, the car has not broke down on me yet.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

8th Dec 2004, 11:07


I too am COLD.. I have the same vehicle you do, and aside from the fact that the heater does not work, I love it!!

I have had the car in the shop 5 time for the heater.. after close to $1,300.. STILL NO HEAT.

I really don't know what to do. Fortunately I live in Texas, so the cold is not an ongoing problem, but on those 35 degree days it sure would be nice to be able to defrost the windows with warm air, instead of adding to the cold!!

Also.. I need to replace the center console, it's a total mess.. Anyone know where I can puchase one?


1999 Ford Taurus SE from North America


Now...I am disappointed


Problems with my 1999 Ford Taurus: rear breaks changed twice within 6 months ($300.00) Struts recently changed ($400.00) Power steering pump changed in 2003 when steering problem begin, now after one year, steering problem has gotten worse. Mechanic suggests a rack and pinion repair ($1200.00) No heat---mechanic thinks that there may be a duct block, that means taking the entire dashboard apart ($300.00). Car overheats.

General Comments:

Have been told two mechanics that they have been seeing either no heat or power steering problems in several Fords. I was told to see if there are any recalls on Fords because of these and other problems. I have read on-line that there are a lot of Ford owners who are experiencing the same problems I am having now, even after the costly repairs have been made. I called 1-866-432-7332 and filed a complaint. I urge everyone who are having these problems to call so that Ford can take responsibility. I am considering purchasing another car...it's not worth having the repairs done and these problems still and will continue to exist.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2004

7th Nov 2004, 14:19

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus. In the past year I have had to change the rear braked three times and am working on my fourth time. My heater does not work and the car constantly overheats. I carry around a bottle of antifreeze with me even after I have had these problems fixed. The issues with the car never stay fixed they continue to reappear. My car also jumps, after I apply the brake then go to apply the gas the car jumps. I have had a diagnostic run on the transmission only to find out that that isn't the problem. Last, but not least the dome light stays on twenty four seven. Any suggestions? vanilla_flavored_kisses@yahoo.com.

1999 Ford Taurus SE from North America


I will never buy a Ford again


1) I had the front and back brakes replaced 15,000 miles ago. Last weekend the car started to shake when braking, and I felt like the brakes were going to fail. I was told that the pads were fine, but the discs weren't. They were warped and needed to be serviced. I am the primary driver and not hard on my brakes, so having the brakes serviced after having them taken care of 15,000 miles ago is upsetting.

2) Then the dealer told me that I had a leak and I needed a power steering pump, which cost over $500. They returned the car to me 9/10/04. Driving home 9/11/04 the steering wheel started to squeal more than it ever did. I brought the car back to the dealer today. Now they are telling me that I need a new rack @ $750. I took the time to read other reviews of the 1999 Taurus and I see that I'm not the only one with this problem. Perhaps Ford needs to consider a recall? I am also extremely irritated that this has happened at 61,000 miles...

My parents bought a Windstar at the same time I bought my Taurus, and they had trouble with the van from the beginning. My first car was a Honda. We still have the 1986 Accord with 125,000 miles on it. We have only had to pay for minor repairs. It still runs beautifully. I think that my biggest mistake was buying a Ford in the first place. I can't wait to get rid of this Taurus!

General Comments:

Consider buying a high rated Honda or a Toyota. You'll be glad that you did!

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Review Date: 14th September, 2004

26th Nov 2004, 09:57

I bought a 99 SE in 2000 with 9,000 miles on it. I replaced the battery at 60,000 miles. Brakes and rotors at 75,000 miles. Power steering pump at 95,000 miles. Rack and pinion at 106,000 miles. Rotors need turned and upper tie rods need replacing at 110,000 miles.

28th Dec 2005, 21:58

Bought a 98 Ford Taurus with 16,000 miles on it back in 2000. I knew the previous owner who hardly drove it being he had 2 other cars. So that being said here are the facts.

17,000 - 19,000 miles I brought back to dealer for hood not opening (replaced lever 3 times - still a problem to this day..) Doors, windows, not opening with switch.. (brought back 2x still a problem..) inside light staying on now and then??

At 24,000 miles the front end would vibrate violently when exiting off highway. Brought into dealer who immediately replaced rotors, tie rods, and stabilizers. I was told this was frequent with this vehicle.. - At 32,000 vibrating came back.. warranty over about 700$ to fix.. not doing that.. Mechanic told me it was a flaw in the design where the rotors get warped.. suggested I live with it or I'll keep paying..

30,000 Water pump - fins were completely, gone.. this is a good one apparently the anti freeze reacts with the cast of the motor and produces this sludge.. Ford knows of the problem and had a customer satisfaction limited re - call which ironically the previous owner did? The engine had a acid flush, new water pump, and bypass kit for the heater core.. (12,000 miles) I guess this wasn't the solution?

55,000 alternator, battery - 320$

85,000 miles the heater core plugged.. yes, I did a flush 2x 1 at 30k for above and 1 at 65k.. This was going to be 600$ until I read about back flushing the heater core which fixed the problem for less than 10$

Gas mileage - around 15mpg.. my wives Toyota around 38mpg had for 6 years.. all I've done was change the oil..

Ford says quality is job one? Why don't they back this up?

4th Sep 2009, 21:23

I had a Ford Taurus for about 130,000 trouble-free miles. Around then it began needing many repairs. I find this to be a totally acceptable amount of mileage considering domestics are disposable by 100,000 miles. Bought a Honda Accord after my Taurus. The Accord went 203,000 completely trouble-free miles before I ended up trading it in for a newer vehicle. It still ran well when I sold it. Basically if you manage to get 100,000 miles or more out of a domestic, then you should be pretty happy.