19th Apr 2005, 09:24

We have a 2000 Taurus SE/FFV 3.0 liter V6 with 98000 miles on it and I have never had a better vehicle.I've added several aftermarket accessories and many don't believe the car is 5 yrs. old. It is well maintained and trouble-free. I highly recommend these cars to any one. Too bad Ford discontinued the model.

23rd May 2005, 13:29

I am glad so many people are have such good luck with their '00 Taurus SE... Mine is a piece of crap! My 1993 GL model, purchased in 1996 was far superior to this bucket of bolts! I have had the car for 1 year now, nothing, but problems: it seems as though I've been making S-Type Jaguar payments on a Ford! (Ah well, the S-Type Jag DOES look similar to the Taurus!) As soon as this heap is paid for in 3 more years: I'm going to try a Volvo. No more Fords for me!

5th Jun 2005, 09:41

I think it may just be the older model taurus that people have problems with. I know my 2000 model with 116337 miles is in perfect condition. It looks brand new inside and out and runs like it did when I first got it.PERFECT. I to had to replace a fuel filter and a gasket in the transmission pan, but other than that doing the normal things to my taurus has kept it running like brand new. (Knock On Wood)

In 1995 I bought a 1994 Taurus and had quite a few problems with it. But I can't say it's just the Taurus because I got mad said no more Fords for me and got a 1997 Black Honda Civic Hx Coupe. I hated it. After about 20,000 miles it started with the problems it seemed like every time I would get something fixed something else would happen. I thought, man I have such bad luck with cars. So I parked the Civic in 1999 and drove my moms 1995 Toyota pickup truck until 2000 when I went back on everything I had told myself I wouldn't do, I saw the new style Taurus and had to have one. It has been perfect. I plan on keeping this car for the rest of my life. I just bought a new Ford F-250 because the Taurus is getting on up there in the mileage. I want it to last, so I am giving it a break. But I would tell anyone out there who is thinking of buying a Taurus have it checked out because there obviously is some bad ones out there, but not all cars are perfect. For the price and comfort of a car like the Taurus it is well worth the money. I am back to Ford, and for now will never buy nothing else.

8th Jul 2005, 19:04

July 9, 2005 Our 2000 Taurus SES has been our favorite car. But the engine light has been on and off for several years. The dealer would test it, do what the computer said, and the light would go off for a day or two. We got used to it. At 69,000 miles it began to run roughly. They did the test, then said they'd need to take the head off and do a $350.00 test. Now they tell us we have a dead cylinder, bent valves, melted gasket and need a new engine: $4800.00.

In the past the engine light has been intermittent. This time it blinked intermittently. The manual says a blinking engine light requires immediate service. (We found that today as we reviewed our service records.)

So it was OK to ignore the engine light, but not OK to not notice an intermittent engine light was blinking.

Seems like something is wrong with this picture.

Charleston, SC.

29th Nov 2005, 15:51

I have all Hondas (Accords adn Civics), and they have been really good cars. I bought my Mom a 2000 Taurus in 03 and it has been great she has put aboout 30k miles on it (80k overall) and it has never had any problems. I know the person I bought it from and they didn't have any either. Hopefully our luck will continue. I was worried about it because of past Ford problems.

PS. Our Mechanic does say that Ford's are the hardest cars to work on because of the way the equipment is laid out in the motor. Thankfully it hasn't mattered.

4th Dec 2007, 11:49

I have Taurus SE 2000 & it is running pretty well right now with 131,000 miles & it passed again the inspection just yesterday. I noticed engine knocks when you turn on engine early in the morning, but after few minutes of warm up, engine knocks can't be heard anymore. According to my friend who owns a driving school in Richmond Virginia, their Taurus SE 2000 reached up 209,000 miles before it broke down. We will just see how it works, but right now I am very satisfied with the performance, God willing it will go up 200,000 miles without any trouble.