26th May 2006, 00:15

No temp gauges? I've had all four generations of Taurus, and all of them had a temp gauge. 88' First gen (left of speedo), 95' Second gen same as first, 99' Third gen (right of fuel gauge, left of speedo), and 05' Fourth gen (in between speedo and tach). What are you saying? Have you actually seen a Taurus?

2nd Aug 2006, 19:38

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus purchased used in Feb. 2000. I just figured out the total out of pocket expenses over the past 6 1/2 years and 156,700 miles. The grand total including winter and summer tire replacements, recommended fluid changes, etc. NOT including oil changes (which we did every 3,000 miles) is $4,070.00.


The car has a decent ride and you should expect to put some money into a car to maintain it during it's life.

I did NOT want this Ford, had a 1995 Chevy Lumina before (also very reliable), but it was purchased as a company car.

Of note: at 77,000 miles the steering rack & pinion along with the power steering pump had to be replaced and now at 156,700 miles it needs replaced again (this work hasn't been performed yet and the cost isn't included in the $4,070.00). Has anyone else experienced the same problems?

11th Aug 2006, 16:18

I purchased a 1999 Ford Taurus new. At 35,000 miles the steering rack had to be replaced. At 39,000 miles the heater core went. I was told that it would cost $750 to replace the core. I took the car to a place that specializes in radiators. They blew out the core for $70 and I now get plenty of heat.

11th Aug 2006, 22:14

Over $4000.00 dollars in just over 6 years, do the math, that's close to $700.00 dollars a year, and with the steering repairs, upcoming that will put you over the $700.00 mark for sure. That's terrible.. I own a 1988 Toyota Corolla, that I bought in 1996. There is no way I've even spent even half that much (including oil changes) on my car in the almost ten years that I've owned it... The scary thing is that you actually think that that's a normal amount to pay for up-keeping a vehicle... buy a Japanese car and you will be welcomed into the unreal world of having a savings account.

20th Oct 2006, 07:17

My 1999 Taurus had 68K when I bought it and 3 years, 20K miles more and over $3000 not including the repairs I won't do because the car isn't worth it and that would be throwing good money after bad, I've had it. I will never buy a Ford car again. All of the mechanics & friends I've had working on it agree.

12th Apr 2007, 12:53

I purchased a new 1999 Ford Taurus SE. At 86,000 miles, the oil light came on at a stop light so we pulled into a service station at the light. The engine locked up before we could park. The mechanics said the engine was locked up, but it was full of oil. I had a wrecker called to take it to a Ford dealer. I paid for a rebuilt engine.

Due to the oil pump failure, I thought that someone may know if I could get a refund for parts or service. The oil pump failure cost me 4700.00 dollars, plus the wrecker fee.

Thank you.

13th Apr 2007, 09:28

I will never understand why people who have cars that are out of warranty don't belong to AAA or a similar auto club. One tow can cost more than the membership, so it's a good value. And my upgraded AAA includes towing of up to 100 miles.

4th Jun 2007, 20:46

I bought a 1999 ford taurus in 2000 with 30,000 miles I spent $500 on a brake job the rotors were warped. the daylight running lights started to flicker at about 60,000 miles I took out the fuse no daytime running lights now, but so what. I'm about to put a new drive belt on at 75,000 miles that's the total of all costs. I change my own oil at 5,000 miles and had the trani flushed at 60,000. It has been a great car and hasn't cost very much in upkeep.

19th Jun 2007, 16:23

It's better riding a bicycle than driving Ford Taurus 1999 especially the red one. I am serious, I have one and it's a piece of junk. It doesn't get going.

22nd Jul 2007, 16:45

1999 Ford Taurus. I am not very impressed. My heater core went and right after I had it changed had to replace the water pump. Now my power steering pump is shot. Each time I get work done on it I hope it's the end, but it's a short time till something else goes.Norm.

20th Oct 2007, 10:32

I have a 1995 Taurus with over 175000 miles. The only problem I have had was at 110,000 miles; I put in a fuel pump ($125.00) and the service center that put it in said it was the factory pump. Now at 185,000 miles, the water pump has broken. Total cost of repair $250.00 parts and labor. It is one of the best cars I have ever had. If I keep up with normal service, then I will get even more miles out of it. Even the body still looks new.

12th Jun 2008, 15:05

I also have a 99 Ford Taurus with a duratech motor, and had to have the transmission rebuilt at 87000 miles for $700.00.

Now my tachometer is flickering, and the dash is starting to separate from the instrument panel. I also cannot get the low coolant light off, since it was new...

I'm glad that I only paid 1000 for it!!! That is all it's worth...

14th Aug 2008, 00:32

I purchased a 1999 Ford Taurus SE with 56,000 miles and paid $6,000.00 cash. The heater coil went out after driving it for two months. We bypassed the heater coil (no heat), and then four months later the head gasket is gone. I'm told $500.00 for the heater coil, $2100.00 for a rebuilt engine, and to be careful about the transmission, because this will be the next thing to go. I will never, and really should not have taken a chance on such a lemon. No wonder the dealership came $1500.00 off the price from the get go. I do not recommend.

23rd Mar 2010, 10:41

I have a '99 Taurus Wagon, bought used at 60,000 miles, and it currently is at 120,000 miles.

Problems: heater core replaced (it still clogs periodically because they left blasting sand in the engine block, which forms rust and clogs everything), rotors replaced due to warping, heater control replaced, seat belt retractor broke, dome lights won't turn off, and wipers have a mind of their own. Air conditioner is weak (one AC mechanic said Ford is known for bad A/C connectors).

I also had several brake jobs, heater control, struts, tie rods, and ball joints replaced. But I consider these normal wear and tear.

Some good, some bad. Hopefully it'll last a few more years.

18th Apr 2010, 19:24

I own a 1999 Taurus. It has 198000 on it. It looks, and rides like new. I have had very few problems. I like my car. It was well looked after, and has given many years of dependable service so far.