1986 Ford Telstar TX5 AS 2.0L petrol turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Quick, cheap, nimble sportscar. A 5 door hatch with flat fold seats, and room to sleep in the back


When I first got the car, the electronic gas struts were gone, and were so sloppy it handled like a boat. I replaced the springs and shocks with lowered heavy duty and GT Gas shocks though, and it handled well.

The turbo was still working OK, but I did a swap for a reconditioned turbo and high flowed factory one, and also installed a full 2-1/2" Mandrel bent exhaust. The new suspension stopped the torque steer that I got with the improvements to the exhaust flow.

I had to remove and replace one rear brake caliper, but I sourced it from a Ghia model, where rear discs were optional; the turbo had 4W discs as standard

The parts were fairly easy to find, being a fairly common car, and Mazda 626 parts being usable for most of the car also.

General Comments:

These are a VERY quick car. I had much fun not letting V8 Commodores get in front from the lights. With a reasonable low boost, higher compression turbo motor, and a very low weight (1080 kg), it had more than enough to scare most of my friends and me.

The turbo model has a different gearbox, with tall ratios and limited slip. I could do 90 kph in 2nd gear, 180 in 3rd, 210 in 4th, but I never found out how far 5th went.

The biggest problem I had was getting traction with front wheel drive off the mark. I had put on 205/65/15 tyres on the factory alloys that it came with.

The small turbo restricts the top end (limited to 6250 RPM), which gets asthmatic about 5200-5400 RPM. But this means that it needs very little revs to start boosting, and is a very flexible engine at any revs. I could often feel it start about 2300-2400 RPM.

I had a big stereo with 2x 12" subs, 2x amps (980W total) and 8 other speakers, and the thickness of the rear hatch glass made it great for sound, though I had to install double sided foam tape behind many panels due to rattles.

Overall it is a nice cheap sporty car. I improved the performance, but left it looking stock, and never once was pulled over. It is as light and nimble as many hatchbacks, but has a 2.0L turbo FET model engine, which was built by Mazda (known in Japan as the Magnum Turbo engine).

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Review Date: 11th January, 2015

1986 Ford Telstar AS TX5 Turbo 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


$800 eBay special with power, functionality and comfort - hard to believe it's less than 90kW


Drive shaft needs replacing, noticeable when over 4500rpm.

Rear exhaust broken needs replacement.

Rear lock barrel difficult to open, requires a high effort.

The front bumpers, and body side protection moulding fade badly and do not match - sun load testing questionable.

Oil everywhere in engine bay, but still goes hard.

General Comments:

Pretty quick old car, handles OK, still don't love front wheel cars due to torque steer, but pretty good for an oldie.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2007

3rd Jun 2007, 02:31

Honest, straight to point and true.

4th Nov 2014, 21:57

I own a 86 turbo intercooled and it goes like hell. A great car.

1986 Ford Telstar AS 2.0 carby from Australia and New Zealand


Not a bad car for a first car, but could be better


The front right CV joint has broken.

It used to have an alternator that needed replacing.

The ignition module needed replacing.

General Comments:

The Telstar is a reliable car and goes fairly well.

Occasionlly it runs a bit rough due to the cold weather we have in Mt Gambier (it has a manual choke).

The seats are fairly comfortable around town, but on long trips they do tend to get painful.

I have done a drag in it against a VK commodore and lost by a centimetre due to a near collision with it otherwise I would have blown it out of the water.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2005

12th May 2016, 07:13

Hi Mate.

I read review about your 86 Ford Telstar and was stunned. I also owned a 1986 Ford Telstar Tx5 Turbo Ghia as my first car at 18 years old. It was like a black greyish colour with faded light gray bumpers with a red stripe going through the middle, but anyway what captured my attention about your car was the issues you had with it, because I myself had the exact same problems. First was the alternator needed changing and then the ignition module went; all up I spent around $750.00, but I loved that car; it was my first car and I would like to find one again, but they're very hard to find.