5th Apr 2005, 01:39

I just want to add to my original post about this car. Having had it for a little more time I can give more than a superficial commentary. I hear a common problem is the car cutting out at high speeds which I haven't experienced. The cost of maintaining the car is a little more than I had hoped for. General servicing is a bit more expensive due to complexity of the engine. The tyres are not a standard size (205/55/R15) and the cheapest I can find in Sydney are discontinued Khumo 711 for $130, each. I also had a quote done for the brakes and that will cost about $500 for Bosch or Bendix pads. I have had one minor accident which lightly dented and scraped the rear passenger door and is costing over $2500 to fix. Luckily it's an insurance claim and not my fault - but I'd strongly recommend getting full comprehensive cover DESPITE the car's relatively low cost of purchase.

On the up, the car is still proving to be a pleasure to drive. I've had no problems with the 4-wheel steering or any of the electrics. The air con is freezing cold every time you use it. I have got itchy feet once or twice and been new car shopping, but for the price and performance I got with the TX5, I think I'll keep it for a while longer.

23rd Aug 2006, 00:56

Just like to say that I have the same car, which is also known as the black panther. I have had nothing, but trouble with this car in the three years I've had it. Where do I start? A/c seals, timing belt, oil leaks, exhaust, brake calipers, the small plastic tank where you fill the radiator up, and I'm about to put in the second distributor in just over twelve months. Still waiting to get the car back from the workshop. The car is still leaking oil as well, so I sure know about the cost of maintenance and repairs, but the thing is nice to drive, I will give it that, and it looks the goods with the factory body kit. After the distributor is repaired again I think I will sell the car and go for something more reasonable to run and maintain.