1986 Ford Tempo GL Sport 2.3 HSO from North America


The car that would not die


It rusted very badly, but that is really more a function of being driven in Upstate New York for 3 years.

Initially it had severe idling speed problems. Unfortunately the car was then in Germany and German Ford dealers were unable to fix it. Once the car was returned to the USA, the Ford dealer in Syracuse NY did the right thing and completely replaced the central fuel injection system which solved the problem.

General Comments:

Outstandingly reliable.

Don't have air conditioning installed aftermarket if you can help it.

Very easy to work on.

It just would not die, even though its body completely rusted away. It finally was destroyed by a collision with a Chevy SUV.

When it was new, before it began to rust (after 6 years) we thought it was beautiful. It was very sad to have to total it after the accident.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2004

1986 Ford Tempo LX 2.3 GASOLINE from North America


I have got more than my money's worth


Clutch wore out twice.

Water pump wore out twice.

Catalytic conveter failed at 125000.

Headliner is shot since 200,000.

Valve cover gasket began leaking at 100000.

Exhaust manifold broke at 175000.

Parking brake requires adjustment every 3 years.

Heater core leaked at 75000.

Plugs/wires last only 10 years.

At brake replacement, rotors and drums must be turned. Every 60,000.

Power steering failed in 1999. Had to rebuild pump.

Paint is shot after 16 years.

Tachometer quit last year.

General Comments:

Underpowered, but I don't care.

Fun to drive with the 5-speed.

Depending on price ($1.25 to $1.60), car will go 180 to 230 miles on $10 of gas, still.

Very nimble, have steered/braked away from a gogol of idiot California drivers.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2002

19th May 2004, 17:16

Finally succumbed to wife and gave car away to the poor children in 2003. Had 217,000 on it and still ran well, but didn't look too good. Drove up the ramp onto the flatbed myself and I must admit feeling a little bad as he hauled it down the street.

1986 Ford Tempo GL 2.3 Fuel Injection from North America


A Piece of Crap


All of the engine mounts broke.

The map sensor screwed up twice.

I had to replace the idle control valve.

The Air conditioner doesn't work.

The paint job has a great deal of orange peel.

I had to get a new brake booster and master cylinder.

I have had to have brake work done numerous times.

Both of my front CV half shafts went bad and I had to replace them.

The muffler fell off.

All of the exhaust pipe hangers were stretched out of shape causing the exhaust pipe to bounce up and down under the car.

The front right wheel baring went bad 4 times.

The tie rods have broken 5 times A PIECE.

The gas pedal sticks.

The transmission burned up second and third gear.

Had to replace the rotors and drums due to big holes in them, whats with that?

There are many hail dents in the car.

Have to replace the air filter every 2 weeks.

Speedometer works some times and doesn't at other times.

The front headlights were burned out and the headlight housings were so badly burned because of the heat from the headlights that you could not see through them.

The radiator leaked 2 times so I had to get a new one along with a transmission line.

The oil breather burned up.

The back window busted out going down the road.

Horn does not work.

Headliner had little holes in it.

General Comments:

All of the windows except the back windows were fine.

The block was good.

The tires were good.

The seats were in good shape.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2002

1986 Ford Tempo GL 2.3 HSC from North America


Excellence at its best!


The belts tend to wear quicker than I would like, but that isn't a problem. The suspension is finally shot, but the car has been through a lot, and regular maintainence for suspension is usually every 180,000KM and I am at around 250,000KM. The power steering pump is leaky. The cat is garbage, but who needs it anyways.

General Comments:

This little car is a true gem. It is now 16 years young and still running great. Although it has had a couple of things go wrong they are small and part of regular maintenence any-who. The interior is in absolute mint condition and is extremely comfortable, and I am not comparing it to a park bench. I have sat in the new Seville STS's and the comfort feels just the same. The stereo has been replaced, but that has to be done in any vehicle regardless. This little Tempo is to good to be true, and I hope to keep it for many years to come.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2002

16th Aug 2002, 12:08

Hey there.

I'm a 16 year old that's about to buy this very car, which is as old as I am. I read your review of it and I hope that mine holds up as well as yours. I've yet to see this car or it's condition, but I'm only paying 500 dollars for it in cash. I'm buying off of my manager, someone I believe I can trust, and I was wondering if there were any more problems with this car besides the belts giving way early. Is it a costly machine to keep up-to-speed? any help would be greatly appreciated.

~Chris in Ohio.

19th Feb 2004, 07:28


There is only one or two Tempos in Finland. I have owned it two years. This model is 1986 LX automatic driven about 150.000 ml. Somebody has brought it from Canada. I think this a collection car here in Europe. Never have I seen an other one.

I like it and it looks specially different so people do not know what it is. It is nice.

Paavo from Alajarvi, Finland.