8th Feb 2003, 13:55

I was the owner of a 91 Tempo until yesterday, when I hit a deer. It looks like I hit a telephone pole. When I first got my car, it was the most aggravating vehicle. It stalled, shut off at stop signs, or when I used my brakes for any reason. It doesn't have a lot of power, (which did prevent speeding tickets) and it wouldn't crank half the time. My friends and I had lots of good laughs at it, and it inspired many jokes. It also almost got me killed a couple of times, thanks to the fact that it ran when it wanted to. It known to those closest as the "Temporary". I don't know what color it is. Kind of a white, grey, silver color. However, after at least $500 of repairs, and a new computer, my Tempo was running great. Of course, then I hit a deer. That figures.

16th Feb 2004, 00:49

I own a 91 Ford Tempo GL I have been driving it for about 1 month since I have replaced the alternator, starter, brakes, both front window motors, and now the transmission is not shifting properly.

When you accelerate it does not shift until you reach extremely high rpm's other wise the car handles fairly, is almost comfortable and the engine runs great.

27th Aug 2004, 15:29

I am having a problem with the front window. Once it is rolled all the way down it will not go back up. It has been a good bucket I guess. I just want the window to go up. Any suggestions?

18th Jan 2005, 23:53

I own a 1991 Ford Tempo as of this moment... in the last 6 months (out of 10) I have had 2 new starters, alternator, and a new fuel pump replaced.. every month it fails to start.. always the same problem.. sounds like it isn't getting any gas.. today is the day it isn't going to start.. not a very reliable car.

7th Oct 2005, 21:08

Is it just me, or do a lot of Tempo owners treat their cars like crap? If you people actually start taking care of your cars and stop whining about regular maintenance, your car will last for quite a while.

16th Aug 2006, 00:26

Got my 91 with 190k km on it, (125k miles?) first month, took an alternator, starter, wheel bearing, engine mount, bearing on radiator fan. Now the tranny is shifting funny. I don't think I'll own this lemon for long. I need to rob a bank.

21st Jul 2007, 13:19

I own a 1991 Ford Tempo L that I inherited from my sister. We bought it cheap ($200) because it needed either a torque converter for the transmission. My sister drove it for a couple of years and it gave her plenty of problems, despite regular maintenance.

The plug on the radiator broke several times, and often my sister would come out of a store and find all of her antifreeze in a puddle under the car.

The belt tensioner pulley broke, which cost $200 (which is more than the vehicle cost her) just for the new parts. She managed to save a bit of money because my brother and I worked on it together to fix it.

My sister eventually bought a Honda CR-V when she moved up to Fort MacMurray, AB to work, and I inherited the Tempo. I have only been driving it for about 3 months so far.

The car is now just starting to show problems (it currently has about 260,000 kms). Just a few days ago the car began to stall right after I start it when it's parked. Apparently the idle control sensor is going. It is fine when you put it into gear, but when parked I have to hold the gas pedal down for a few minutes before the car is able to keep itself idling properly in Park.

And by the way, we have done regular maintenance with this car since we bought it. I don't know how it was treated before we bought it, but the sad fact is that most Ford vehicles cannot be helped even with regular maintenance.