1991 Ford Tempo GL 2.3L from North America


A scary winter vehicle


The Tempo I bought was a 1991 with only 28,000 miles on it for an elderly woman owned it previously. Unfortunately, I have the problem of chronic stalling and it terrifies me to drive it because I almost get rear ended when it stalls. It stalls only when I have stopped and am about to go again.

General Comments:

Aside from the stalling I love the car. It is in pristine condition.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2002

21st Nov 2003, 20:24

All you need is a new TPS "Throttle Position Sensor" $20.00. This sensor is on top of the engine and between the air-filter and engine. It is held of by 2-screws and has an electrical plug in that plugs into it from the drivers side.. It could be your oxygen sensor. If the check engine light comes on it is most likely the oxygen sensor.

1991 Ford Tempo GL 1.7 from North America


A Great Tank with the handling of a Sports Car


Alt. Belt went shortly after I got it.

Front Brakes went 3 months after that.

Oil changed every 3,000 miles.

Hood Prop clip broke so the prop rattles when I drive. Sounds like a purring kitten.

General Comments:

I can competitively race my friends in it. They laugh at first, but they have to race to catch up.

I call it "The Tank" for a reason. I hit an Eclipse and left paint on its bumper. It cracked "the Tank's" blinker light slightly and that's it.

It does stall at stoplights and when you first start out. After a little swearing and a quick restart, it purrs like a kitten.

Great gas mileage with cheap and infrequent repairs makes it a great car for a student or someone trying to make a start for themselves.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2002

1991 Ford Tempo GL from North America


I hope my new car is as good to me as my Tempo was


I have had a lot of trouble with leaks. Both oil and anti-freeze.

I have had to have my seat belt disconnected because instead of moving up to my chest it stayed at the front of the car making a very loud buzzing sound.

When I complain about my seats being uncomfortable, everyone I know just nods their heads, like it was a well-known fact that Tempos are the most uncomfortable cars for long trips, and someone just forgot to tell me.

My car goes out of alignment at least twice a year, maybe it's my fault? I don't know.

General Comments:

Maybe it's just because it was my first car that I love this beast so much, but I can't help it. I just bought a new car last week and I sat in the 'ol Tempo and cried for a few minutes when I got home for the dealership. It has been very good to me, I have put about 55k on it in under three years, and with minimal problems. She has unexpected acceleration power and all around great car for the cost.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2002

1991 Ford Tempo from North America


This vehicle is a piece of crap


The clock on the radio does not work, nor ever has.

The automatic seat belts get stuck and don't go all the way back.

I have to put oil in it EVERYDAY.

After having complete repair to the exhaust system, car still "growls" and makes inessive rumbling noises.

Air conditioner works poorly, although heat works great.

Brakes need to be replaced almost every month.

Gas mileage couldn't be worse in any other vehicle than a 1991 Ford Tempo.

General Comments:

I very much dislike this vehicle.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2002

27th May 2002, 13:53

I hear you man. I own a 1991 Ford Tempo. I call it a fixer upper. Why do you ask, because I am always fixing it up because the car keeps breaking down. At this point, I am debating on selling it and getting a car with a warranty because I don't want to put another dime into this beater.

1991 Ford Tempo GL 1.9 4 cylinder from North America


A high performance deal


I have had absolutely NO problems with the Ford Tempo GL. The gas mileage is excellent; I get 30 miles to the gallon, and the acceleration in the vehicle is exceptional for a 4 cylinder engine. All of the girls love my car, and it was incredibly easy for me to put my new sound system in my car. I chopped the roof, so I could make it a unique Tempo. I also got it painted yellow, and put 5-Star rims on my tires, and put glowing lights underneath my Tempo. I also put mirror tint and ground affects. I have never had one problem with my engine. I change the oil every 3,000 miles at Jiffy Lube, and change my breather, air cleaner, and PCV Valve every 12,000 miles. I love my car, and I do not want anything else. Thank you Mom and Dad for the great graduation present!

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Review Date: 1st May, 2002

3rd Jul 2003, 22:25


I just bought a 92 Tempo GL. It sounds like you really sooped up your tempo... Got pictures??