1982 Ford Thunderbird V8 from North America


Fair reliability. Great looking car. Looks like it's ready to pounce on something.


Cruise control didn't work when I bought it. (2000)

Snapped a fan belt.

Replaced Alternator.

Replaced thermostat.

Tends to overheat quickly on hot summer days.

Headliner inside has come almost completely loose. I had to pin the cloth to the roof with a bunch of push pins.

General Comments:

My '82 Thunderbird has a lot of power and is very quick.

It has a very comfortable interior.

The black enamel paint is near-flawless to this day. No chipping or peeling. The body has no rust.

Very roomy interior. Lots of legroom. The car also has a huge trunk.

The vinyl top has very little cracking... still in great shape.

Car handles a little loosely.

The big V-8 engine tends to overheat, regardless of any repairs.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2005

8th Jun 2005, 11:21

The '82 "Boxbird" looks like it's ready to pounce on something?

The money in your wallet, maybe?

9th Jun 2005, 19:12

Heh, it hasn't been too bad as far as cost goes. The car is very easy to work on and parts are easy to find.

21st Apr 2013, 22:26

"The big V-8 engine tends to overheat, regardless of any repairs."

Were the water pump and thermostat replaced?

24th Apr 2013, 07:43

So 255 cubic inches is a "big V8", eh?

25th Apr 2013, 00:00

"So 255 cubic inches is a "big V8", eh?"

Provides good MPG, but has no power or aftermarket parts.

25th Apr 2013, 11:47

I had one of these - and yes, the 255 is a very small V8 - the smallest I've owned other than a 4100 Cadillac. But this 255, as well as the Oldsmobile 260 and the Chevrolet 267, which were similarly de-bored small-blocks, were all very durable and economical engines, though relatively weak. I never had any problem with any of these over heating.

The '82 T-bird I had seemed pretty peppy, at least compared to the 82 Chevy Caprice we had with the 267 or the Olds Cutlass we had with the 260 - I would guess because it was a rather light car.