1986 Ford Thunderbird 2 door coupe 2.3 turbo from North America


This is one bad four cylinder


The car sat for six years before I bought it.

I replaced the timing belt, starter, and did a complete tune up, when I bought the car.

I also changed the oil, to Valvoline Max Life, and and a K@N oil filter.

I replaced the stock alternator for a hi-performance one, do to my stereo, at 256,956 miles.

I need door panels, blue ones.

I replaced all stereo components>

General Comments:

I love my Turbo Coupe. I have not had it long, but I'll keep it forever.

The car's 2.3 liter, turbo charged engine preforms great, and the handling is excellent. I highly recommend this car to anyone who still wants to prove that domestic cars are better than imports. The car also has great fuel economy.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2004

27th Jul 2005, 10:52

Right- American vehicles are better than imports and this car proves it- Buy the Red, White and Blue!

26th Dec 2010, 13:20

I actually own my very own 2.3 turbo, and have to agree, it's a peppy lil car, and I'm not a Ford guy, but I already do want to keep this car till it is a relic in my yard, and I'm a grumpy old man looking at it all day from my porch.

If you don't have one, and you find one and think you'll like it, get it, you won't regret it.

1986 Ford Thunderbird V6 from North America


A lot of problems, but a smooth ride


Chronic overheating: This car is very thirsty, it takes 3 gallons of water in the radiator between each two mile run. We use more water than gasoline to keep this car running. The heater core leaks, chronic overheating problems, steam comes in through the air vents when the gauge goes over the half mark. We've already replaced the lower radiator hose and the factory produced part from Ford does not fit; it is too short and the hose gets cut by the serpentine belt. The chronic overheating blew the water-pump seal and the previous owner had replaced the water-pump when the water-pump seal blew last year. The door handle frame fell off, the hood popping mechanism fell off, the brake release mechanism fell off, the glove compartment latch failed, this car eats gas, but it's a smooth ride.

General Comments:

This thunderbird does not like to stop, otherwise overheating becomes a real chore. It also does not like slow speeds, so you have to try to stay on the highways and avoid surface streets, stop lights and stop signs.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2004

10th Dec 2005, 22:36

Car keeps overheating huh? Well the smoke coming out of your vents is from your busted heater core. The same thing happened to my 95 Town Car - going over about 50mph or punching it made the smoke come out. Also, if the car keeps drinking anti-freeze, you must have a blown head gasket (unless its leaking somewhere). So the anti-freeze is going into the crankcase and mixing with the oil. You might want to get that fixed or the engine will eventually be no good.

1986 Ford Thunderbird 3.8L V6 from North America


A medium performance lemon that made good lemonade


The water pump went bad at 103,000 Kilometers.

The serpentine belt went at 103,000 Kilometers.

The power steering pump wentat 103,000 Kilometers.

The oil pump went at 107,000 Kilometers.

The engine required rebuilding at 107,000 Kilometers.

It has rusted in numerous areas, especially the wheel wells and quarter panels.

The alternator went at 106,000 Kilometers.

The thermostat went at 107,000 Kilometers.

The engine hesitates sometimes, although I am not sure why.

General Comments:

The car is reasonably good on gas.

The engine responds quite well, with good acceleration and a hearty throb.

The car is the funnest thing on four wheels in the winter!

The interior is slightly cramped, but in excellent condition.

It has power everything except locks.

It has required numerous hours and dollars to repair, but now is a very reliable car, the last problems being nearly 7,000 Kilometers or 5 months ago.

The rear-wheel drive gives the car very quick handling, especially at speed.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2004

26th Jul 2004, 14:38

Have fun changing those head gaskets...