1986 Ford Thunderbird 3.8L V6 from North America


When it comes to an 80's Ford, nothing beats a Thunderbird


Oil leaks from God-knows where.

Coolant leaks from God-knows where.

Water pump had to be replaced.

Body is extremely rusty around trunk due to a design fault.

A/C had to be fixed, which required dashboard removal.

General Comments:

Despite its faults I wouldn't trade this car in for the world.

The power is great on the engine which has yet to go through a rebuild.

The car has power everything with gages for everything.

Awesome aerodynamic body which wasn't the norm of 80's design.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2004

1986 Ford Thunderbird 3.8L V6 from North America


One of the last rear wheel drive cars that is fun to drive


From what I can tell, the car does not leak oil, and it does not burn any oil. It does use about a quart every 300 miles. I have not been able to explain it.

The transmission which I believe is a C-4 rumbles when stopped and left in Drive.

General Comments:

I really like the car. I bought it for $275 and put new tires on. I also performed a basic tune-up and cleaned the interior. The paint is excellent and the body is very durable unlike newer vehicles.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2003

1986 Ford Thunderbird Elan 3.8L V6 from North America


Comfortable like a luxury car, power like a muscle car, drives like a dream


Clutch Fan, though that was because the car sat for almost a year.

Thermostat, cheap to replace, so it wasn't a hassle.

Transmission Filter got clogged, again is something that needs to be replaced regularly anyway.

General Comments:

Great car. Lots of power under the hood. This car can take more than half those plastic cars made today. Very (and I mean VERY) comfortable interior. If you have ever seen the commercial for Sealy mattresses where they say why they don't make cars, this car is that comfortable. Flashy design, reliable. Little expensive on gas though. Sounds like a beast, and will impress many people driving "other" cars.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2003

26th May 2004, 13:50

I just bought one from a used car lot and the Harmonic Balencer was not hooked up at all it was just hanging their, and It ended up overheating and the oil pump started to go out. For the price I paid it should of lasted me at least 6 months, but it only lasted about 2 weeks.

1986 Ford Thunderbird 3.8L V6 from North America


It's a Ford after all eh!


Straps holding the gas tank in rusted out and fell off 2002.

Transmission is sticky. Takes a lot of strength trying to shift the car out of Park.

General Comments:

The car does amazing brake stands and burnouts. It has a serious amount of acceleration. It does well at high speeds (160kmh) going down the highway.

The seats are quite comfortable and they don't start to hurt after long drives.

It also has a kick-in stock sound system. It plays my music loud the way I like it without any distortion.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2002

19th Mar 2005, 14:57

Would like to comment on the 1986 Ford Thunderbird, I bought a used one back in December 1987 and still have it today, been driving it 300 miles a week to work for the past 15 years. I've just turned 270,000 miles and the only upkeep has been changing the oil every 3000 miles and other small repairs. I'll tell you it was the best $10,500 investment I've ever made in a vehicle. Henry Ford had the right idea.. John S. Atlanta, Ga.

1986 Ford Thunderbird Coupe 3.8 litre V6 from North America


Classic from the 80's


Replaced the windshield wiper motor.

Replaced the power window motor in the passenger door.

Replaced a blown head gasket, had the heads re-machined to true due to warping caused by an incorrect repair job before I got the car. <--97000 miles.

Replaced the water pump at 104000 miles.

Replaced a voltage regulator twice, then bought a heavy duty one and it's worked fine since.

Replaced the front struts and rear shocks due to age and wear @ 107000 miles.

Replaced the front brake rotors at 111000.

Minor electrical problems, such as the digital speedometer is permanently dimmed all the way.

Paint has not aged as well as I would like, bright red is now reddish orange unless freshly waxed.

General Comments:

Great first car.

The body styling still gets comments as she's clean and has had a recent wax job.

Fun to drive, but the V6 feels low in power. I'd get the V8 in this model if you could find one.

Handles very well for a mid-size coupe.

Hey, my first car - she's my baby and I'll drive her until she won't start anymore.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2001

1st May 2003, 23:34

Yeah, I have the same problem with the dimmed digital dash. Its annoying, and I need to get it fixed. Either that or maybe I can do a conversions to regular needle gages.

12th May 2008, 23:50

There is a bulb behind the digital display that burns out, its pricey and a bit hard to find but can easily be fixed in an hour or so.

A good time to fix your transmission gear indicator if its broken as well (need a small hose clamp)