1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 2.3 liter turbo from North America


An exhilarating car with great looks, reliability, and performance!!!


Head light lens bracket broke and the lens fogged over.

General Comments:

This is the best car I have ever had! It is a great looking car, surpassing anything domestic today.

The 2.3 liter turbo is an exceptionally strong, fast, reliable engine - handles high RPM's very well. I love the boost and ride control, it makes for a truly fun ride. With a good set of tires, you will be surprised at how fast you can take some corners.

This car is different from the norm (i.e. Camaros, Firebirds, etc). It is unique with the slotted hood that is functional in delivering air to the intercooler.

I plan to keep this car and make many upgrades to it when I have the money. If anyone has any tips or anything about the car, feel free to E-mail me at nukeproof2@excite.com.

Oh, one thing about turbos - the reason so many people have problems with them "going out" is because they often shut off the car without allowing oil pressure to build back up for the turbo. All you have to do to remedy this is let the car idle for about 20 seconds to a minute.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2000

1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 2.3 turbo 4 cylinder from North America


One of the best cars ever made


New turbo needed, new clutch, other than that just regular maintenance.

General Comments:

The best car I have ever driven. Amazing performance for a four cylinder. Handles beautifully. Looks very sharp.

I'm glad to see there are others out there who turn away from the usual Trans Ams and Camaros and give this car a try, because it truly is a great car. I will do whatever it takes to keep this car in top condition.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2000

1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 2.3L turbo from North America


Amazing power, great comfort and economy; The perfect car


The only problem I have experienced is that the fan relay went bad, and the fan would turn on and off randomly (many times quickly). It was a quick and fairly inexpensive fix.

General Comments:

A great car. The power is always there, on demand. There is a slight turbo lag, but you'll soon forget about that when you're thrown back in the seat, and you realize that you can smoke the tires in the first 3 gears, and still get 25MPG on the highway.

The stereo performs as well as the motor with a factory amp and an 8-band graphic equalizer.

A very comfortable seating position with dual power seats and power lumbar.

Repairs can get expensive, but are reasonable for such a rare performance car. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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Review Date: 25th October, 2000

9th Oct 2011, 14:08

HI, Just wanted to know where that fan relay is located? I have a 1988 T-bird Turbo. Fans don't come on.


Email me at silversurferhdz@hotmail.com

1988 Ford Thunderbird Lx Turbo Coupe 2.3 L from North America


A high performance bargain


It has overheated due to extended usage on a low amount of gas. Suggestion is to not run it hard when low on gas as it will overheat and will not start until you put more gas into it. Tested once and only once has it done it.

Otherwise there is nothing wrong with the car. Not only that there has never been anything wrong with the car. Just look up the VIN before you buy one though. Sounds like people drive theirs too hard in too rough conditions, "Just to make sure nothing has happened to the car and that you know the history".

General Comments:

It is a great car to own, fun to drive and fun to show off. It has all the features you could ever want on a car of that class and of that particular year.

If you are truly intrested in one, go test drive it for yourself, 7 out 10 you will like and it will be affordable.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2000

1988 Ford Thunderbird Coupe 5.0 from North America


Reliable, inexpensive, and a lot of fun to drive


Rear went (replaced under warranty).

Heater core.


Callipers on the front.

Radio light went out and it seems to like to eat tapes.

Cheap double sided tape on the power windows quit holding.

The tranny has been replaced three times.

Front struts.

The passenger mirror fell off.

Right front wheel bearing lost all its grease after driving through a lot of water during heavy rain.

General Comments:

Even with the above problems, the car has only left us stranded once, and that was when the radiator went. It's been up and down the east coast, and travelling at 75+ mph it still gets almost 30mpg.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2000