8th Nov 2010, 08:58

Hi to anyone. I love these cars so much that am in the process of transplanting a TC engine in my 1965 Mustang, just because I love this motor, and I want to be different in the scene. Does anybody have any suggestions, please let me know, I already have a complete donor 88TC. No hold on the car, it's rear-ended pretty bad, but it has what I need for the swap.

Harold, thanks for any input.

8th Nov 2010, 09:39

Being different is cool... I get it. However, these engines are very costly to get parts for. They were okay overall, but the two Turbo Coupes that were in my family had their share of problems. I had two 5.0 Mustangs during the same time, and had absolutely no problems with them. Plus, parts are still readily available.

The 5.0 is a much better swap for a Mustang project. You get the 302, which is pretty close to what you'd have found in '65 as the 289, and you get fuel injection from '86 and up, which would get you well into the 20's for mileage... as long as you transplant the 5-speed with the engine. The obvious gain is performance too.

The TC wasn't a really fast car by any means. I used to race my cousin in his, and he would be unrecognizable in the rearview mirror after about 30 seconds... too far back to even see what kind of car he was driving!

If you go with the 2.3 T, just make sure it is intercooled. They were notorious for blowing up due to overheating. I saw one blow once, and you could see nothing behind the car as it was driving along from all the white smoke! As long as you realize you won't have a race car to abuse all the time, you probably won't have any trouble with the TC powertrain. Start redlining it and racing other Mustangs, and you'll probably regret going that route.

23rd Aug 2011, 15:33

Hey T-Bird lovers, I have 1988 Turbo coupe, I love my car. It's black with red interior. I just replaced the ABS anti-lock brake unit. If your 87-88 turbo has ABS unit, I WOULD look into finding a replacement ASAP. I have 2.5 ABS units on the shelf for rebuilt parts. Parts are getting harder and harder to find, so don't wait to find back-up parts. They are crushing our Turbo Coupes! Keep the T-Bird love going!

Thanks Phil, email pgrivas57@gmail.com

4th Oct 2011, 12:56

Interesting. I bought mine off a Miami car lot in '92, ported the head/OS valves, bigger cam, 135 amp alternator, and opted for a Super60 T-3. I get 34 mpg freeway and 25 around town. Love it.

4th Oct 2012, 22:46

I have a 88 TB turbo coupe and I am looking for a anti-lock pressure switch that is by the pump motor on the master cylinder. Any assistance would be appreciated. A Motorcraft part number or after market part number I could look for would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Duray


23rd Jun 2013, 06:38

Same as the German it's based off; the 2.0 Pinto engine.

25th Oct 2016, 11:51

I agree, I own 3 '72 stang convertibles, 1 06 convertible.

Still enjoy my 2 turbo coupes more...