6th Nov 2015, 17:55

Very nice! I almost bought a '97... so close... gorgeous black with cloth interior. The dealer screwed me on payment terms, so I walked out on that deal without thinking twice. All things happen for a reason, and about a year later I came across the T-Bird I currently own. Knew what I wanted and persistence paid off! A former co-worker knew what I was in search for, and he spotted one and told me about it... went there the same day, drove it... went back the next... SOLD! The rest is what they say... history. Best car I have ever owned. The Cougar was nice though too, but had the wide factory stock tires on it, which led to many white-knuckle drives in the rain and snow.

The Thunderbird... driving it until it can't be driven! Great condition and paid for eons ago. Gotta love that!

7th Nov 2015, 02:02

I always thought in my mind that the Cougar was the better looking of the two. That is until the 8th generation Cougar (1999-2002) was introduced. After that it wasn't a Cougar anymore.

But in all actuality my favorite Ford of all time is in fact a 1971 Thunderbird.

10th Nov 2015, 16:17

Yes, I agree with the Cougar... great car until Ford morphed it into a Honda Civic. Same goes for the "New Millennium" Thunderbirds. In my opinion... disaster! Again, I hope one day Ford decides to bring back the Thunderbird/Cougar. Design it along the lines of the Charger/Challenger. Big and sleek. American muscle.

28th Jan 2016, 10:37

I also have a 96 white T-Bird.

I agree the cup holder is WRONG! In 97 they moved them FWD 6 inches and placed the ashtray under the radio. The console is the same. Take the faceplate/ashtray/cupholder and the heat tube from a 97, that's what I did. You can keep the ones in your console and have 4 if you ever need that.

My trans does a really weird thing, and it sounds like a lot of you are missing what I am catching. Mine works and the threads I have read seem to be doing the same. It is not always fully engaged in first when you start out. And I don't think it is the torque converter. I think it is that damn manual lever position sensor. Now and then it doesn't find reverse unless I put it back in gear and try again. I am sure a tap with a screwdriver will reveal it is loose or cracked or something.

But FORDS I LOVE, and I will tell anyone Fords have electrical problems.

Interiors are really cheesy, and the brakes are crap

Any trans problem, I would look at the speed sensor and this MLPS sensor first. Oh yes, if you take it to a shop they are all too happy to spend your money. The factory just eyeballed the two marks. I saw a guy using an ohm meter; its range was pretty wide. I bet you could set the shift points by the resistance.

4th Feb 2016, 17:12

I have had no issues with the trans on mine (yet)... still smooth, no slips or hard shifts. Performed a DIY on the IAC valve and EGR valve recently, simple fixes. Cleaned the throttle body/ports... made a huge difference. Spent around $600.00 in front and rear suspension parts. Had them installed for a reasonable price.

Every car has their good and bad points, but I agree, Fords are the best in terms of domestic vehicles. Had 2 GMs in the past... complete garbage. Leaked every fluid put into it... bad paint... the list goes on and on.

Love this generation T-Bird. Ford was in the process of making an SVT supercharged V8 for the 1998 model year, but as history proved, that was scrapped.

Best of luck with your T-Bird!