1st Jul 2003, 23:11

Hey there enthusiasts. I too own a '77 t-bird. I agree. It is the most enjoyable ride I've ridden in in a while. I love this beast of a machine. Only mine gets about 12 mpg. I've done a few modifications to it. Open air cleaner w/K&N filter, and new valve covers. Next step is Dual exhaust and Paint job with vinyl cover. Then I think I'll be done for the summer what do you guys think about that. My Bird is holding up pretty good and it's just the greatest car. Thanks to all who have kept it alive.

28th Nov 2003, 19:09

I love my '77 Thunderbird! I bought it as the second owner in April of '97 with 92000 miles. It currently has 176000 miles. It's strong, smooth, heavy, solid and great in the snow! Only normal wear problems have risen. Nothing unexpected. It's two tone "champaign metallic" and "saddle brown". I get excellent gas mileage at 21mpg on the highway and about 15mpg in the city. It was born in Chicago and after my ownership has been all over the states. (Not to mention pizza deliveries). In summary, I suggest this car as a great comfortable and affordable ride for the serious traveler. Just watch out for cops with that 351W and if your just purchasing it keep your eyes on the upper ball joints and tie rods which should have been replaced already!

2nd Apr 2004, 21:02

I to have a 77 T-Bird, Town Landau edition with a 400. it was passed down to me by my dad. I recently took it out of storage, which is where it has been for the last 8 years, and I stuck a new battery in it, turned the key, and she came to life with a gigantic roar. Best sounding car I have ever heard, and just like I remember it from 8 years ago!

11th Oct 2004, 13:29

Well, I just got my '77 Bird for $1500. The inside is good, but the paint is oxydized and the bumpers starting to rust, but it runs good and its only got 73,000 miles on it. I'm currently getting a new speedometer because I know I'm gone faster than 80 but that's as high as it goes. There are no dents or anything, but I'm getting paint soon. I just got a custom stereo so it looks original, but the stereo is KICKING.

Once my baby is painted, it's going to be one hell of a beast!

22nd Jul 2009, 03:15

I bought a 77 with 351W and automatic for 100 bucks from a relative!! It has a timing chain issue right now, personally, every time I look at the car I thank the owner for refusing to have a vinyl topped car! It's flat white every where (yes even the roof) with light grey interior. Tons of room, before it broke down my main memory is not feeling a single bump EVER.

6th Mar 2010, 02:23

I just picked up a 77 T-bird for $200 at a swap meet in Texas. No rust, but very sun cooked body.

Engine and tranny have problems, but it's the 400, so nice and sporty.

She is very basic, but has the console floor automatic and touring/sport instrument cluster with machine turned dash app. Gonna just tuck her away until I can rebuild her guts.

19th Apr 2010, 21:02

I picked up my '77 T-Bird last January and I love it to death. I got it with only 60000 original miles. It isn't the fastest thing, but it is comfortable and has lots of potential. I have the 6.6L 400 v-8. I only get 8 mpg city and maybe 10 mpg highway though. But it's comfortable and a great road trip car despite the terrible fuel mileage.

24th Aug 2014, 16:09

I had a 1977 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau, which I purchased brand new in 1977. Unfortunately I had an engine fire and it destroyed the car. It really makes me sad. It was restored a few years back. It had the 400 engine. The car had 150,000 miles, but still ran strong and shifted smooth. The velour interior looked brand new and everything worked, even the clock.

I am looking for another T-Bird, I liked this one so much. Like riding on a cloud.