19th Sep 2006, 17:21

The 93 birds have the 95 Mustang 5.0 HO. I took one out and put it in my 79 Fairmont Wagon, and it woops on 5.0 HO Mustangs with a mac exhaust.

22nd Oct 2006, 14:09

In 1991 and 1992, the Thunderbird Sport was a separate model all it's own, it had the 5.0 H.O. and the Vin had *****60T********** in it. If it has 62T then it is a LX 5.0. On the door tag it will have four "J"s like "TJJJJ" as it gets the SC suspension. All Sports had full instrumentation.

In 1993, Sport was an option package as I recall.

1st May 2007, 08:37

Don't believe these guys about it not being a true t-bird sport!!! The fact is: real t-bird guys will know the truth!!! I have a 92 t-bird sport and it has a 5.0 HO engine and it was a only made from 91-93. When ford made them they were cutting in to the super coupe sales and they were cutting there own necks so they stopped. and believe me there are not many of them at all left on the road. So hold on to what you have my brother because when the time comes it will be worth a lot of money!!!

8th Feb 2008, 00:27

I bought a 1992 Ford T-Bird, it has a 5.0 ho engine. Not only that, it also is a Sport! Its factory plum crazy purple. The car is in perfect shape and it has many mods to it. I've done my history on it and it comes to be said only 2500 were made in 1992, I never heard of a 1993 sport. love my baby and is a GM smoker!


8th Jul 2008, 12:07

I have a 1992 thunderbird that's blue it runs like a champ it has a 5.0HO under the hood and so far I have not seen one in my town like it. when other cars try to beat me at the lights I leave them in the dust. it says v8 sport on it.

13th Jul 2008, 14:19

I'm sorry. Your 1988 T bird with the 150hp 5.0L did NOT beat a 06' 240hp supercharged MC SS. Maybe it was a regular 170hp MC with SS badges on it. Then I believe you.

18th Aug 2008, 14:12

I just bought my 1992 Thunderbird Sport with the H. O 5.0L yesterday from it's original owner. This is my 6th T-bird and I had no idea that there was a such thing as a "Sport" Model. I was riffling through the glovebox and found the original window sticker from 1992 and it said Sport! I was like huh? So did some research and walla! It's a real model! This car is cleeeeean! 127,000 miles, it's white with light gray interior. Awesome car!

21st Jan 2010, 02:23

Sorry you guys that either just don't have the right info.

FACT; 1992 Ford did put out around 2000-3000 5.0 HO Thunderbird Sports with different cam, suspension, & a few other nic-nacks that changed horsepower, torque quite a bit.

In my personal experience ('92) this car was at the time unexplainable FAASSSTT!! Don't take MY WORD, look it up yourself.


12th Feb 2010, 22:34

I had a 92 Sport with 29k original miles. It sat for 10 yrs next to my barn ;x donated it to charity car auction... whoops.

24th Feb 2010, 19:26

My brother had 92 Thunderbird Sport fairly quick, but could not keep up with his wife's 93 Thunderbird SC, and it was automatic. I currently have a 95 SC 5 speed; no 4.6 or 5.0 Tbird can even get close.

24th Feb 2010, 20:39

Hello, I recently bought a 1993 Ford Thunderbird, it's a Davey Allison edition, and it has a few things that needs attention. Do you guys know where I can get another set of decals for the doors? Have had no luck.

Do you have a Davey Allison Edition? I would like to see what you've done with it. If I can't find the decals, I think I'm not going to keep it the way it is. Might start doing work on it, and it won't be a Davey Allison edition no more. I kind of like the way it looks now, but if I can't find those parts I need, I have no choice but to remove the decals and stuff, and make it a regular T-bird.

Any ideas?

23rd Mar 2010, 19:12

In 2003 I bought a '91 T-bird Sport from an old lady, no kidding. It only had 17,000 miles on it and I paid $3400. It was just totaled last Friday, March 19th. I was about to pull in my drive when guy in an '09 Toyota Tacoma 4wd PU struck me from behind. I was doing about 10-15 mph, he was doing 55-60 mph. I ended up in the hospital, he walked. Both vehicles are total wrecks.

It was a very fast car but lacked in brakes, front disc only on mine. Speedo went to 120 mph and it worked all the way! It cornered beautifully. Rear shocks were high performance factory only. I tried to find aftermarket shocks but to no avail. Mine was black with red strip & black interior. All factory, nothing modified, 5.0 HO (302ci). It was at 145,000 miles when the wreck occurred. Got 22 mpg to and from work and 27 mpg hwy. A great car, I'll miss her. Don't think the insurance company will give what it was worth.

16th Jun 2010, 17:18

I have a 1991 Sport. I understand it is quite rare. Does anyone know what the production numbers were for this model year?

16th Aug 2010, 18:57

I can't believe that this is still up.

I am the original creator of this review, and I still own the 1993 Thunderbird to this day! Now the mileage is around 260,000 miles and it's still all original, almost everywhere around it. The latest things I have had to do with this Thunderbird was rear shocks, and complete front struts, alternator, a battery and a water pump and thermostat.

It has 260,000 miles, so I am amazed that this was it. The new alternator and yellow top optima battery was to handle my added band pass box with 2 12" subwoofers with a Pioneer 4 channel amplifier, which sounds very good with the completed Pioneer stereo system.

Last week I installed brand new Firestone Indy 500 Firehawk 235/60/r15 tires, since the last set managed to get about 50,000 miles on them. Basically this Thunderbird is now 18 years old and starting to show its age, the main thing is rotted out rocker panels which I am going to be fixing as soon as possible.

This Thunderbird just keeps on flying down the road and I still love it after all the miles and places its traveled... long may it run... until the next time...

2nd Sep 2010, 06:12

Just picked up a 92 T bird, Sport 5.0 HO, and she hauls a serious punch! Only paid 890 CDN, worth every penny. Silver with 192k 4speed auto posi ABS.

What I would like to know is what problems they may be prone to? What tips do you have on solving these problems?

Any help would be appreciated.

2nd Sep 2010, 13:30

Go to http://www.tccoa.com/. You will find a wealth of information.

9th Sep 2010, 19:24

I've had my 1992 Thunderbird Sport for 7 or 8 years now. I bought it from the original owner in Tottenham Ontario. It is still in fantastic shape. He Krown rust sprayed it every year. 295K on it now. Still runs well, but I'm done with it. Will hopefully get 500 bucks for it in the next week or so. Whoever gets it will be getting a great car. With a little TLC, this thing will go for a long time.