22nd Oct 2010, 07:37

I have a 1993 T-Bird with the H.O 302 LX. It came with Bill Elliot stripes, floor mats and a special edition plaque on the console. I know it isn't one of the 500 Elliot specials, because it lacks ground effects and it is Maroon Red instead of Bud Red. Do any of you have any ideas about this car? It came this way, we have had it since 1994, and it only has 67,000 miles on it now. I would like to sell it because I don't drive it, but I don't know what I have, if anything.


27th Dec 2010, 21:36

I never knew how rare the Sports were. I have a 1992 Tbird Sport... block with grey interior, 5.0... my father bought it in 1992 with approx 6000 miles on it. It has been in the family ever since. He went to sell it about 4 years ago, and I bought it. It was mama's car, so in awesome condition! No rust, nothing wrong with it. I love this car, now with 150 k on it. I own a fox body 5.0 Mustang supercharged, and all that, but I still love my Tbird without a doubt!

4th Jan 2011, 12:57

I have a 1992 Ford Thunderbird Sport with the 5.0 H. Oh and man, it goes and nothing will stop it. It really sucks they put that 4.6 in it after 1994. They need to make a new Thunderbird with the new 5.0.

1st Feb 2011, 10:53

So I have done the research and there is such a model as the Thunderbird Sport. Is this correct because I have some guy telling me that my car is not a Sport?

I have a 92 Thunderbird Sport with a really nice body but the transmission just went.

23rd Jul 2011, 06:45

You my friend need to check around.

In 1992, Ford made 1% of their total Thunderbird produce a "Sport" version. In total, between Ford and Mercury - they produced 123,xxx Thunderbirds/Cougars; of which 47,xxx were Cougars, leaving about 73,8xx of the 4 different versions of Thunderbird.

Which means anyone having a Thunderbird Sport has 1 of 738 Thunderbird Sport's ever made. They only made the Sport package available in 1992 - which makes these cars even rarer!

24th Nov 2012, 21:01

Hello, I just bought a confirmed 1992 T-bird Sport 5.0L HO. The poor guy selling it had no idea! It has 95,000 miles on it, and is simply perfect. Gonna get a nice paint job in the spring and it's good to go. Can't wait to have many good times ahead with the T-bird!

17th Dec 2012, 21:10

I was given a 1992 5.0 HO Sport coupe fully loaded. It was my mom's car. She got too old to drive. I always thought it was a regular T-Bird. SURPRISE! I live in the Philadelphia suburbs. I haven't seen another one like it yet. If this car had wings, it would fly. You can take my dog or take my wife, but the final word... is that no one will ever, take my T-Bird! Thanks Mom.

28th Jan 2013, 12:27

I have a 93 Sport, but some say that they did not make them in 93?

17th Sep 2013, 15:00

I also have a 93 'bird. Black on black moonroof, it's loaded. The car has 588,000 miles on the original engine, trans, and rear end.

The only thing I've done is the usual maintenance. Water pump. Batteries. Rear wheel bearings. It still runs killer!

I had a Ford parts guy tell me to never sell it. Because they didn't make many black/black. I kinda brushed that off until I found he was correct.

The 5.0 H.O is a great engine!

This was the first car I bought my wife. She says if it gets sold she's divorcing me LOL. She loves it that much. Couldn't have asked for a better vehicle. Everyday driver for 16 years. Never left us stranded anywhere.

In process of fixing some body work, and then off for a fresh coat of paint. She's still a beauty. But will be car show worthy when done.

10th Feb 2014, 13:34

You are correct. I had a 1992 T-Bird Sport Coupe 361 H/O and sold it - dumb. Had a paint job (maroon) $1800. Trying to find it as I sold it in Pittsfield Mass. in approx 2003 - 2006. Last year of manufacture.

10th Feb 2014, 13:40

Is it sold?? I will give you $1000 if it's what you say it is!!

13th Aug 2015, 05:35

Was purple what they used for the year of 1993?

13th Jan 2017, 19:42

I just bought a 92 5.0 T Bird Sport Executive from the original owner with 123,000 miles for $500.00. It is clean, well maintained, & loved!!! He had bought it instead of the more expensive BMW because it outperformed the comparable BMW for much less money. I built rods & did both circuit and drag racing, & though disabled, look forward to years of comfy & fun driving in my Bird. My last Bird was a 68, lowered 3" all around with daisies, a nasty 429, kitted C6, & 300 gears. Fast!!!