2008 Ford Transit FWD SWB 2.2L common rail diesel from Australia and New Zealand


10/10, A commercial vehicle that compares with a sporty passenger hatch. Comfortable and efficient


Nothing, it is a new vehicle. (1 year / 22 000Kms)

General Comments:

The Ford Transit was worthy of the 2007 van of the year.

Ford have got this one right.

The Transit handles like a nimble hatchback on busy city roads, and cruises effortlessly humming on an open motorway.

The 5-speed transmission is perfectly matched to a smooth and powerful 2.2L common rail diesel engine.

Fuel efficiency is brilliant (+800Kms on 75 Litres)

I have never been more impressed with a commercial vehicle, and I believe it should be compared in favour with comfort and performance of a smaller passenger vehicle.

Based on the older Transit models, Ford have stripped out the running gear and interior and started fresh with very good intentions.

There is a quality European feel to the build of this van, thick pressed panels add to a solid "Clunk" every time you open and close the door.

Available in several models in Australia.

Option of FWD or RWD, SWB MWB and LWB. (Mine is the FWD SWB and you could be mistaken you're driving a Focus XR5)

I have had many commercial vehicles through the years at my work, and nothing has compared to the Transit. (Thumbs down to Renault, Kia and Toyota)

If you are after a larger van that drives and handles much like a sports hatchback, with the comfort and space of a family sedan, along with the efficiency of a scooter, then I highly recommend the FWD Ford Transit.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009

29th Jan 2009, 21:18

Sure you don't work for Ford? This sounds like it's straight out of a brochure for the Transit. Drives like an XR5 turbo?!? I'm sure owners of either the Focus or Mondeo XR5 turbo's would love to hear the handling of their cars being compared to a van. I hope you aren't one of the unlucky people who've had one of these Transits fall apart around them. You might want to get hold of the latest "Dog and Lemon guide" to see what will no doubt go wrong with it. The only advantage these vans have over a Toyota Hiace is space and maybe some safety features. There's no such thing as "Quality European" anymore, and I drive a european Ford.

1st Apr 2009, 01:35

I find the transit van so uncomfortable, I have a 08 plate, no lower back support, on this Ford have gone cheap cheap cheap.

25th Jan 2016, 08:28

Owner of a Transit 1 tonne 2.4 litre diesel 2007, voted van of the year. Money well spent on mechanical inspection has provided me with a reliable, economical and zippy van. Much like a car, it is very responsive and direct. Worked as a daily courier work horse, the van has impressed. Regularly serviced and looked after, this van is certainly capable of handling high km. A very happy camper here.