28th Feb 2010, 04:24


For all you Transit Connect owners out there, who want an answer to this problem, here goes; there is a little sub wiring loom that is connected to the radiator fan plastic housing by a multiplug and runs to the alternator. It is clipped to the housing by a few clips, unclip and remove the sub loom, cut all the clips off and take the protective plastic shield off, and look carefully at all 3 wires, you should find either broken or green wiring. The part is available from Ford for about £15. Hope this helps...

4th Apr 2010, 10:54

05 plate T230 LWB Connect LX Hallmark. 70k miles.

Generally very pleased with the van, but a few problems, which looking at previous posters, seem to be common.

Bumper end caps appear to be a consumable item.

Front tyre wear is always uneven (inners wear very fast).

Electric mirrors failed.

Wheels rust.

Alternator light issue.

Starter motor failed.

Battery failed.

Side door central locking temperamental.

Drivers seat is fine for me, passenger not so good. Handling, comfort and steering all fine. Economy is acceptable.

Overall a nice little van that I've been happy with, just a shame the experience is spoiled by silly little niggles that should have been addressed in development.

19th Aug 2010, 16:15

Hi, I have a 53 plate Connect, and agree with everything that has been said already.

However an observation that hasn't been mentioned yet is 'rust'.

I had an old Peugeot Expert before this can; 250000 miles on the clock, and there wasn't a spot of rust on it. The Connect is riddled with it, which really annoys me, because it shouldn't be rusting after 6 years.

I too have had a list of problems; starter motor, tyres, bumper end caps (which I have bolted in place now), gear box is making a terrible grinding noise that sounds like a bearing (only done 70000 miles), and now the battery light has come on.

Won't be buying another one, and by the way, the passenger seat isn't a seat, it's just somewhere to store your rubbish.

15th Nov 2010, 17:20

Hi, I own a 2003 Connect LWB with 95000 miles and have just replaced the starter and heater plugs. I now find that on some occasions (once a week or so) the van just refuses to start, but if I leave it for a while then she will then start... (The van would just keep churning till the battery runs flat if not left)...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated... cheers, Damian.

16th Nov 2010, 05:17

I drive Berlingos 04 (company's). They won't upgrade. I had 2 with engine replaced in both. Grrrrr. I drive an average 1000 miles a week. It's crap going up hills, but comfy to sit in. It's a French thing and I was thinking of buying and was shocked to see Ford Connect is rubbish, therefore I'm going for Caddy or Primastar LWB 1.9.

Thanks guys for posting your comments.

Cheers. :) :)

4th Jan 2011, 19:39

I purchased a 1 owner 220LX Connect with the electric pack on, and have to say it's not been too bad.

It's an 05 plate with 135000 miles.

Problems I have had so far are:-

1) Heated windscreen failed on 1 side. (Guaranteed so they came and fixed it)

2) Rear bumper end caps don't line up right.

3) A loud whine from the gearbox in all gears.

4) Front speakers are pants even with a Sony headunit.

5) Rear power point hidden behind Ford ply lining. (Cut a hole and moved the loom forward)

6) Interior light doesn't come on when doors are opened, then it does. (Has a mind of its own)

Drives lovely and much better than my Escort van, and the internal heater and blower is nice and hot.

It's rapid, easily achieving 95mph, and diesel consumption is excellent.

Load space is superb.

Not bad for £3000.

4th Feb 2011, 09:28

Recently bought a 2004 04 T200 for £2000.

Ex fuel consumption 55mpg and reasonable performance.

Stereo was crap, but good after being changed.

Positive gear change, not too noisy, I have been in a lot worse.

Plenty of room in the cab, back is fibreglassed and all sealed.

No key fob, but picked one up on ebay, and easily self programmed.

Would give 4/5.

4th Mar 2011, 13:50

Hello all, I have 04 plate, and the glow plug light comes on and cuts out. Have had new accelerator pedal, new injectors, new fuel sensor, and it still cuts out. Any tips on what it could be?

31st Dec 2011, 14:02

Have a 2004 Connect TDCi. Have done almost 100,000, haven't really had any problems at all, & it's always fully loaded. No problem with front tyre wear.

17th Mar 2013, 17:26

My Connect's heater function will not change?

13th Nov 2013, 14:34

The control cables run into a box on the right hand side of the heater accessed from the footwell. Mine was loose, and needed refitting and pushed on hard so the clips lock.

14th Sep 2014, 11:24

I have a Ford Transit Connect '03, 118,000 miles. Last night before turning the key, the only thing I did differently was that I turned on the radio, after long time. On my way home the battery light turned on, and all the other lights of the car were really low but still working. When I slowed down to park the car, all the lights on the panel started to turn on and off. After I turned the key to the off position and waited for 2 minutes, the lights were working so it's not a battery issue. When I turned the key again, the engine didn't start, and the starter did a clicking sound, and the door locks a noise.

17th Sep 2014, 13:09

It was the alternator.

25th Dec 2014, 14:04

I had exactly the same problem, and it turned out to be the rear gearbox mounting.

4th Jul 2016, 17:44

Mate, I've got 2004 T230lx LWB and only get about 29 around town, and 34 on longer trips.

14th Oct 2016, 10:33

Transit Connect Limited 2012.

Drives well, which is the main thing, but the body build and lining are so cheap and badly fitting it's laughable.

For example the holes for the front speakers and the holes in the door lining are out by two and a half inches.

Lots of lovely designer curves for the sake of it mean even the factory installed ply lining does not fit properly, with gaps and overlaps everywhere.