1996 Ford Windstar GL 3.8L from North America


A disappointment!


Our head gasket went just over 100,000 km. Ford is of no assistance. We put a rebuilt engine in - cost approximately $4000. Our Windstar was manufactured in September 95 - three weeks after warranty for 95's extended warranty ran out.

Unfortunately, since we got it back we worry - what will happen next, we also cannot afford to trade with this expense hanging over our head.

This happened in March 2001, we continue to make any contact we think may help. If you have a similar story, please comment. We need all the information and support we can get.

General Comments:

We have enjoyed having the Windstar until this year. The ride is very comfortable, if they can get the problems fixed we would consider another.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2001

11th Jun 2001, 17:14

I had my head gaskets replaced 3 years ago after they failed and the engine failed today just 62,000 km later. I would assume the two are related.

Water everywhere. I did not know if there was an option to get the engine replaced at the time? I should have!

1996 Ford Windstar from North America


Head gasket horror


Head gasket problem destroyed the engine at 117,900.

General Comments:

We have just put in a rebuilt engine due to a head gasket problem.

Get with it Ford, you have a problem with 96's as well, extend the warranty!!!

We have a bill of $3500, for a rebuilt engine. We have been happy with this van until this happened, would we buy another?? Perhaps if Ford will stand up and face the music.

We have been contacting Ford regularly, they acknowledge there are problems and say if the warranty is extended, our bill will be reimbursed. If you have experienced problems, please contact them, maybe together we can make something happen for 96 owners (contact www.ford.ca).

One of the little guys, who's in need of help!!

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Review Date: 31st March, 2001

7th Apr 2001, 10:05

I have a 1997 Ford Windstar GL. According to dealer where I had a front cover seal repaired in Feb. 2001, the reason I needed a new engine 4 weeks later is that antifreeze leaked into through head gasket into engine and destroyed bearings. Repair Manager says he had put in 3 to 4 new engines on Thursday 4/5/01. Spoke to Ford Motor on 4/5/01. Rep says they are aware of problem but extended wty only for 1994 & 1995's. Rep was to call me back yesterday but I have yet to hear from him. Similar story?

1996 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 liter from North America


One repair nightmare after another


Rear-window (vent) motor has been replaced twice.

"Check Engine" light has been a recurring problem since we drove the Windstar home.

"ABS" light now comes on when motor gets hot.

General Comments:

Horrible experience with this van. The "Check Engine" light came on intermittently, accompanied by rough idling. We went to two different dealerships a total of five different occasions. The 1st told us that the intake manifold was cracked (didn't seem likely, but it was covered by the extended warranty) & fluid was causing the plugs to short out. Total repair almost $2000.00.

2nd dealer told us the valves were sticking & needed to be grinded-out. Total repair $1800.00.

Now the ABS light comes on when the motor warms up. After the overall shoddy service that we'd received from both dealerships AND from Ford Motor Company directly, I'm dreading another trip to the dealer for this latest defect. My first and last Ford product.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2001

18th May 2001, 17:00

I have had intake manifold gasket problems, with the same symptoms. The correct fix, according to a good independent mechanic, is to replace the defective manifold with a redesigned manifold from guess who. Apparently the exhaust gas recirculation system gets blocked and blows out the gasket. If you replace the manifold with the redesigned part the problem is fixed. The larger problem, of course, is why otherwise rational people like us buy cars from people like Ford.