11th Jun 2008, 13:21

It has happened to me as well in 2008 on a 2001 Ford Windstar, would anyone know if a class action was ever considered against Ford?

6th Sep 2008, 18:48

My Ford Windstar GL has blown head gaskets on two engines. It blew a head gasket 2 years ago. I was quoted $2000 CAD to replace. Had the engine rebuilt for pretty cheap as I knew the guy... that cost $4000.00 Only a few days ago; the van was running excellently and then whamo! The van started to spew oil, engine light came on. Pulled over into Canadian Tire and they said it was the head gasket. It blew so bad this time that there was coolant in the oil.

I had it towed yesterday and got a $100 bucks for it. It has gone to be stripped and crushed.

I will NEVER buy a Ford Windstar ever again.

10th Nov 2008, 19:17

Owned a 1996 Ford Windstar GL - engine was made in the Canadian plant in August of 96. For those who bought 1995 Windstars, please be aware that version 2 of the engine started in May of 96. The problems that I encountered on my Windstar was not complicated, the timing gasket was replaced, and both intake gaskets... all about 90k. Definitely when Ford designed the intake gaskets, they were poorly designed and were going to fail. Also, the transmission started to act up on the Windstar at 60k but had the fluid replaced with a different type of fluid and it has worked great ever since. I sold the Windstar with 139000k. Great running vehicle, only because I had a good mechanic.

10th Jan 2009, 19:53

We purchased our 96 Windstar GL when it had 21k miles on it. Less than a year later I had to replace a rear 'wing' window motor.

At 44k miles I had to replace the speedometer. It would not hold steady on the speed that you were driving.

Engine warning light would come on, but after the fourth engine start it would go off. ABS and brake warning lights would come on intermittently.

I just took it in for the 3k mile servicing at 74k miles. Our mechanic gave me the bad news. Antifreeze in the oil. He said it was either a blown head gasket or a cracked block.

Although the exterior and interior are in showroom condition, I am donating it to the local fire department to use for training purposes.

I have owned Ford vehicles before, and have had problems with them also.


5th Apr 2009, 16:52

I have driven a 1996 Ford Windstar for the past 12 years. We bought it totaled and had the body work done. It is a nice van and has served us well (190,000 miles) The other day the head gasket finally went, I believe, as white, smelly smoke was spewing out the tail pipe. I had coolant in my oil about 3-4 months ago and thought we had the problem fixed. I am disappointed as I am a strong believer in Fords, but on the other hand I am thankful for the 190,000 miles we have been able to drive. I just wish I could keep it, especially in this economy. Ford should own up to their failures and pay.

6th Apr 2009, 15:24

Are you serious?!? Ford "owes" you for a vehicle you bought totaled and got 190,000 miles out of?!? I would think you'd be thankful.