1998 Ford Windstar GL 3.8L from North America


Not good for the 20K I spent


Door locks erratic

Seems to wander (front end)

Oil leaks

It started with ck engine light.

Ford dealer (FD) analyzed problem and said analyzer pointed to plugs and wires.. with parts + labor about $300, because code said they were required.

Auto zone code said Cyl 4 misfire.

Ford said only Ford parts should be used; the Bosh platinum were not approved /good. Neither were aftermarket ignition wires.

Auto zone said we are still in business.

To make a long story short, after inquiry and reading articles like yours, it seems the EGR disable made the problem go away, so now we must look for the cause of EGR condition.

When I related this to another dealer, they said "oh, the egr ports in the intake manafold may be clogged."

(I think any service manager would suspect that condition immediately)

My beef is that:

1- The first service Ford dealer should have told me what the problem was, and given me the option to install new parts or just 1 plug or wire.

2-Ford dealer service manager saw the misfire code, just like Amazon did, and wanted to sell me a package, starting with plugs and wires then progressing to the ultimate solution... about $1000. later. (I've read some yahoo accounts of the same problem; I could have written it)

Well, I guess I feel a little better, now I'll pay the $ 250 to fix the real problem. (I hope)

General Comments:

I have a low opinion of cars that have that failure mode at 75k, and a lower opinion of Ford dealers who take advantage of Ford owners by selling them parts and labor to get to the root of the problem.

Ask any honest mechanic.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2002

1998 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 from North America


A good way to throw money away


My tire rods went at 45,000k's and Ford said it was normal. Although they know the tie rods will go often since they are not lubricated, so this problem will continue.

I had brought it in for the ignition censor and was told the van had a noise coming from the tie rods which already was fixed the previous month, so I told Ford they were sabotaging my car and they fixed the tie rods for free. Oh before I forget it cost 395.00 for the ignition censor.

Had to remove the fuses for the lights because they stay on constantly and we didn't want to have the battery die out.

The chime stays on forever, sometimes it goes off after 10 minutes driving then once the brakes are lightly touched the chime starts again.

All this plus the ABS break light comes on and the trac light flickers on and off and I can't drive at night, cause the trac light flashing drives me bonkers.

I refuse to go back to Ford and as of yet we haven't had any of these problems fixed, we still owe 14,000 and I won't even get half of that.

My van is my finacial breakdown. Have you heard Ford stands for (found dead on road).

Everyone who owns a windstar please file a complaint, and try to file a lawsuit agaist them.

General Comments:

I get very upset when I see a commercial telling us how ford stands behind their name.

I will never by a Ford car again, but I do intend to have all the problems of Ford windstar written on my van and drive around all Ford dealers.

I hope you all know that the ford techs get an incentive for fixing a vehicle right, but the incentive should be given. after 6 month if the van doesn't come back for the same problem.

Everytime you bring your vehicle to the dealer for service,remember they are sabotaging your car. And something will go wrong in about 2 weeks that's what happened to our van and it all started just after 60,000km.

Although I don't know what happened before I bought it.

All of us should take ford to court, and bleed them dry.

What ever happened to quality, they mistook it for quantity. and we can't blame the employee's of the plant, their supervisors should catch these problems.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2002

28th Nov 2002, 06:08

I agree, I also own a 98 GL, it has had the same problems as spoke of here. I have a couple of friends with the same problems, one owns a 98 Windstar GL, the other, a 98 Taurus.

We all seem to have the same problems, tie rods, transmission failure, as well as minor electrical problems. Three cars, same year, same make, two with the same model, go figure.

Found On Road Dead, Definitely!!!