1998 Ford Windstar GL from Germany


American car


Nothing. Yet. That isn't already broken or malfunctioning. Only had the thing for a few hours. Driven it about 40 miles. At the moment it seems the head gasket is on its way out.

ABS light comes on after a few miles.

Dome light has been ripped out.

All doors do not open when using the power-release button. Some body rot around right rear wheel well. I'm sure I'll find some new surprises in the next day or two.

General Comments:

Heater works. So does the stereo and A/C.

Windows go up and down as they should. Wipers work.

Vehicle turns left, right, more or less as it should. Relatively new tires.

Removable trailer hitch. I bought this thing after reading the horrible reviews. Almost out of curiosity. The price was very right, and I need a vehicle with a hitch to tow my MX bike.

Considering the mileage, and that it is an American car, it actually drives pretty well. Still quite silent, smooth. Acceleration is plenty adequate. And so many of the usual things have already broken or on their way out, what's left to complain about? We'll see...

I'm training for Land Rover ownership. Seriously.

New cars are for bankers.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2010

18th Sep 2010, 05:03

The Windstar is a known lemon. It scored the lowest ratings in most comparison reviews of minivans. Expect a lot of problems!

20th Sep 2010, 13:46

What are your sources?

Windstars are not problem free, but there are a few model years with egregious problems. Other model years do quite OK. You can actually gauge that on this website with the "Would you buy another Ford?" feature.

22nd Sep 2010, 14:08

So, been driving it now for almost one whole week. Still hasn't broken down. Stalled a few times unexpectedly (entering parking lots, etc), but the thing generally runs so quiet it's hard to guess why it's stalled. Beginning to hear a few knocks in the front end, now that I'm becoming familiar with the car. Had it up to an indicated 100 MPH during my Autobahn commute the other morning. Felt fairly willing, if wobbly on its clapped out suspension.

There is even a person who has approached me twice about buying it (he currently owns a Windstar of a similar vintage). Interesting, eh.

Go Windstar, go!

1998 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 from North America


Absolutely fantastic


Extremely dependable.

Changed serpentine belt tensioner and idler pulley.

Hoses, antifreeze and thermostat.

Transmission rebuilt.

Great car; would not hesitate to buy another Ford anytime.

Still comfortable, and the interior looks new; I know it depends on who owns the car.

General Comments:

Great car, would not hesitate to buy another. It is all about taking care of a vehicle. If you do, it will last you for many years.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2010

1998 Ford Windstar GL 3.0L from North America


I would buy another Windstar, given the chance


My head gasket blew at 97,000 miles.

The lifters and fuel injectors were replaced due to a clicking noise at 95,000 miles.

The transmission was overhauled at 94,000 miles.

The power steering pump has been replaced three times in one year, and the dealer can't tell me why.

The steering rack has been replaced at 93,000 miles.

It has been fun working on this vehicle, but I enjoyed it, because I saved all the labor cost. I do all my work on my cars.

General Comments:

In all the years I've had this vehicle, in-spite of all the problems, I really enjoy driving it, and my wife likes it too.

The only concern I have is that the A/C in the rear does not blow cool air. Just something I have not looked into yet.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2010

1998 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 from North America


Worst car I have ever owned!!


My dome lights stay on.

Wheel fell off in an intersection.

Lugs sheared off of the hub.

Door ajar sensor stays on.

General Comments:

This Windstar has had the standard problem of the dome lights staying on and the door ajar staying on.

The wheel fell off when I started to accelerate from being stopped at a red light. All of the lugs sheared off the hub at the same time.

It has an unknown clunk coming from the passenger side front end; I've checked the tie rod and the C.V. joints, and they are fine.

Two days before my wheel came off, in the intersection with my kids in the van, the steering went very hard and it made a very loud clunk.

It has an exhaust leak from the muffler.

I will be buying a new car in two weeks, just shopping for the right one, then I will be giving this van to the scarp metal for free.

Overall experience with Ford Windstar... garbage!! Stay away!!

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Review Date: 6th March, 2010

7th Mar 2010, 11:23

The door ajar sensors are easy enough to fix, just remove em completely.. OR you can find tips for ways to jerry-rig the sensors at a site like FixYa.com (my personal favorite, and instead of paying em for their advice, just post to community and you'll get a TON of helpful tips).

I too have a '98 Windstar, have had it since 30k miles, and now it has 115,000 and needs a lot of maintenance, but up till now it's been super-reliable. After 100k it was all downhill.

Mine has bad hubs too, and thanks to your review, I'm gonna park it till I can get that fixed!

Mine also clunks too, was told it was a transmission mount and most likely one of the motor mounts needs replaced too. Good luck!

Donate it to a needy family BTW, not the scrap yard please!