1998 Ford Windstar from North America


It is the worst car I have ever owned!!!

General Comments:

It does not switch gears like it should, the door ajar light is always on along with the check engine light, the power steering is bad, it blows white smoke from the exhaust, over heats, stalls out, and oil gets in the air filter.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2008

1998 Ford Windstar LX 3.8 V6 from North America


Money pit due to poor engineering/quality


2 power window motors have gone bad.

Paint peeled off the roof.

Struts went bad at 100k miles.

Electrical/sensor problems at 110k miles, computer and sensors had to be replaced at a cost of $2000.

At 130k the water pump went bad and I found that piece that it mounts to was cracked. $3000 to repair.

Low oil pressure light started to flicker at 138k miles.

Engine threw a rod at 140k miles. Time for the junkyard.

General Comments:

Van was great for the first 30k we owned it. Comfortable and reliable. After that, bad news.

Tune ups are very expensive due to rear three spark plugs being almost impossible to access.

Struts needed replacing, but wasn't willing to fork out the $1200.

Very poor resale value, even if in good condition.

This is the second Ford that I've owned. First was 1974 Mustang. I will not own another.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2008

1998 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 liter from North America


Cheaper than a Toyota Sienna. Now I know why; unreliable junk!


Bought the Junkstar in 2002 for expanding my (since had two more kids) family. It had 25000 miles at the time. Ran fine until about 60000 miles, and has been problematic since.

Check engine light stays on due to butterflies in the intake manifold faulty (mechanic advises 1400.00 to repair!).

Door ajar sensor problems like many others; I fixed it with a can of wd-40.

Replaced front passenger side tie-rod.

Brake and ABS light stays on (mechanic advises it is a bad ABS control module).

Rear air conditioner failed (repaired with a 76.00 part), and spare accessory power socket in the rear not working (kids can't watch the DVD player on long trips as a result).

Van now has 103000 on it - junk! I have a Toyota corolla 1994 with 238000 on it, and it has never failed me! Never! Had a camry as well with 315000; only towed once! Next van will be a Toyota!

Save money on repairs and save a headache; don't buy a Ford piece of junk!

General Comments:

Unless you like trouble, DO NOT BUY A FORD, THEY ARE JUNK; not just the Windstar, but other models as well!

I drive a Ford Crown Vic police car at work. Yeah I'm a cop! The same problems my Windstar has had, the Crown Vic has had too!

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2008

26th Aug 2008, 05:25

Save money on repairs for a lemon car! That can be used to spend a good vacation abroad.

1998 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 essex V6 gas from North America


Great family vehicle with good fuel economy!


The door open warning would not shut off. I had to disconnect and take the fuses out in the drivers door and sliding door, it would not stop beeping.

The intake manifold rudder control is stuck open/closed and I have yet to fix this.

General Comments:

Great van! I bought it off a friend for a great price so I can't complain if I have to put money into fixing it. Very comfortable ride, and is pretty quiet. (Compared to my Dodge custom campervan if you know what I mean).

Fuel economy is pretty good, it gets about 15 kilometres per litre, and as a bonus it has a non-standard 100 Litre tank (most cars have 50 litre) so it costs about $180 to fill up but I don't drive a lot so I only do that every couple months!

Handling is okay, of course, this isn't an 86 Honda civic so what can you expect ;-)

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Review Date: 19th June, 2008

1998 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 from North America


Looked good, ran good, almost free


It has the infamous interior light problem. Removed upper two light bulbs when we first got it, and other than being a little dark, it hasn't been too bad. Yes it is a tad absurd, but not life changing.

Also had a mystery transmission fluid leak at 90,000 miles. AAA towed us to our destination and shop wanted $1800 to fix this, since I needed a whole new transmission. Refilled this fluid myself and drove away, so I fixed it for $20, and that was 46,000 miles ago.

Other than that just routine things: brakes, shocks, fluids, tires, fuel injector.

Oh yeah I needed new spark plugs; shop wanted 300 to do this, but I did manage to do this myself, but found out why it was 300. The designers at Ford must have been bored when they designed that little number.

General Comments:

Overall the cost of this van was very affordable. When we got it it looked like new and was less than 4000 dollars. I am selling it for 2900 and drove it almost 60,000 miles. The per mileage cost of this van is very low.

We loved the space and it worked well for a family of five. The mpg isn't very good or we would drive it till it dropped.

I just purchased a Pontiac Vibe and hope to drive it for years. I know I need to buy American and am keeping my fingers crossed on the Vibe. I can't afford a 15,000 dollar mistake.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2008

8th Jul 2008, 23:04

You sure got a lot of low cost usage out of your 98 Windstar.

Manual tranny must have been a rare combination in 98. Good on ya and thanks for reporting your experience.