2003 Ford Windstar Sport 3.8L V6 from North America


This car is great!!! :D


Unlike other recalls, the only thing that has gone wrong with the car is that the Emergency Brake light will go on normally when I press the brakes reversing out of my garage. The Driver seat has started to wear badly, and I needed to replace the air filter 3 times.

I was in a frontal accident with a Chevy Silverado, which pushed my grille in, bent my hood, and tore my bumper off, so I don't blame it. The accident cracked and broke lots of the engine parts, like the A/C, and so on. It costed 11,459 dollars to repair. These are all little issues with the car, so I don't really care about a light turning on in the gauge.

General Comments:

The Windstar is a very roomy car with loads of power and acceleration. I'm 21 and I have friends with BMW's and Mustangs, and I'm not very far behind. Actually, I'm close behind. I timed my Windstar: 0-100km in 7.7sec. That's pretty darn fast for a "mini" van. The rear seats are comfortable and the van can fit seven kids and six adults comfortably, with 6 suitcases in the trunk. Although it is hard to remove all the seats, it is worth doing so. I fit all my boxes from the UPS store (I work there) in the Minivan, so I didn't have to take that junky truck. That was 27 boxes, and they weren't small either. The handling is good, but a lot better than my rental car, the Dodge Grand Caravan. The Dodge was a lot slower and less comfortable than my Windstar, and was ugly. I'm proud to go to Gotham's with my Windstar, and the street appearance is outstanding. It's a stylish minivan!!!!.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2008

16th Jun 2010, 16:14

I also love my 2003 Windstar, which I purchased in 2002. My only issue is the electrical system. Yes, the lights have a mind of their own. Will be driving along and the cabin lights will flicker off and on. The ABS and BRAKE light is on most of the time and the passenger side, rear door sometimes will not open. BUT, I can drive from East TN. to Hudson, OH. on less than a tank of gas, carry lots of antiques, and have a very comfortable ride.

This is my second Windstar, and I dread the day when I'll need to replace this car, for the Windstar is no more. Will probably move over to a Honda van. The new Fords are too big and the step up is too high. My Windstars have been good, dependable vehicles.

13th Aug 2010, 16:14

To 16:14:

I hope you realize that the ABS light could indicate a serious situation. Many Windstars have a brake pressure switch that leaks brake fluid and drains it into the ABS wiring harness. There it can attract water, and cause an electrical short and a fire.

A brake warning light and ABS light can also indicate that the brakes are used up.

2003 Ford Windstar from North America


I bought the 2003 Windstar in 2004. Soon after I had the power steering pump go out. After a year, I had to go in and get another power steering pump.

In 2006 I had to get both air conditioners replaced.

I took it in for noises in the transmission and they couldn't hear anything.

This last winter, I took the car back because the heater was making a loud sound (thumping under the hood, so loud that the people in the cars beside me were looking at me). Part of the heater exchange was broken, and it had to be replaced.

Two weeks ago, the car was hopping across the parking lot, and I took it to a mechanic and he said that the CV joint and power train were going out. I took the van to the dealership, and it took 9 days to work on it. The transmission had gone out. They put in a rebuilt one.

So far I have had to replace several sensors also. I have a tail light that goes out often, but no one knows why.

I am so happy I got a extended warranty. However, it costs me on the rent/loaner every time I use one. I only have 72,000 miles, and will probably not buy another Ford.

I traded in my Ford Taurus to get this one, and I had to replace the power steering pump in that 4 times. I have never bought anything but American built cars. But I need a change.

I would like some advice about which cars to consider.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2007

11th Jun 2007, 12:18

Check "Consumer Reports" used car ratings and recommendations if you want a more reliable ride. Then read the comments about the cars of interest right here.

Somehow I think you might be a bit rough on your equipment since you have to replace power steering units that often. Maybe the mechanic took you for a ride every time the power steering made noises? Flushing the fluid or bleeding the system can remedy some noise.

Good luck.

8th Jul 2007, 15:17

As much as it pains me to say this, you can't go wrong with a Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla. They are simply better than other cars. Just do your research and you'll see. They build the very best. The research will tell you this.

8th Jul 2007, 23:15

Uh the person had a Ford Windstar, so they probably need something bigger than a Camry. If you want something similar, look at a Dodge Caravan, it's the best selling minivan for quite a few years, and they seem to be pretty good. Unless because of a bad experience with the Windstar you won't look at any American cars period? That would be pretty ridiculous. I dunno the Nissan Quest at least LOOKS OK for a minivan. I would say don't pass off all American cars because of one bad Ford. Look at GM and Dodge, they have some really good vehicles.

3rd Nov 2008, 18:56

"As much as it pains me to say this", I think you should check out some of the Toyota reviews before you start beating your chest about Toyota.

Granted these are good cars but they have their of problems too. Sludged engines, transmission problems etc are common Toyota complaints.

Besides, I can buy two Windstars for the price of one Sienna.